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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
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Most projects will include reporting requirements, whether programmatic, financial, or both. The sponsor's award notification should outline the schedule for completing periodic and financial reports.

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The PI is responsible for progress reports while the GAFM Coordinator is responsible for the completion of financial reports. At the very least, the PI should be prepared to submit a final report as the sponsor expects and deserves to be informed of results. The timely submission of such a report cannot be overstated. Negligence on the part of the PI may substantially impact his/her and the University's ability to receive future support from the sponsor. It can also result in a loss of payment to the University for Incurred Costs. Such losses could become a liability chargeable to the PI, his/her department, and/or college.

Ref. UNF President's "Policies & Regulations" 2.0880P, Sec. ll, B, Non-Performance and Unmet Deliverables.

Progress Reports

The PI is responsible for the preparation and submission of interim and final progress reports to the sponsor within the specified time frame if required by the sponsor. The sponsor will also include the preferred format for the progress report in the award document. If no format is indicated, the PI should use a standard format that may include the following project management functions:

  • A review of the up to-date accomplishments as compared to the schedule and objectives
  • A review of any challenges encountered in meeting the schedule and objectives
  • A budget review including an analysis of the projected expenses to actual expenses
  • Supporting statistical data, analysis, and/or documentation
  • Additional management activities including staffing issues, documentation or training materials created, etc.

Interim progress reports should thoroughly describe accomplishments and problems with the project. If there are problems, it is important to accurately represent the extent of the problem, what steps are being taken to address the problem, and any effects to the overall success of the project. Also, any budget deficits may be explained and include steps being taken to remedy the shortage. The same applies if the project is underspent at the time of the review. It's important to remember that progress reports can be critical to initiating new projects or in requesting additional time or funding to complete a project.

Financial Reports

If required by the sponsor, the GAFM coordinator will complete and submit financial reports with input from the PI as needed.


The GAFM Coordinator will generate invoices in accordance with the agency guidelines.