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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
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Research and Export Controls

Funded Research

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is UNF's central point of coordination for sponsored projects and is UNF's legally authorized representative for grants, contracts, and assurances. It is the responsibility of ORSP to ensure that all research conducted under its auspices is carried out in compliance with applicable State and Federal regulations, including export controls. The policies and procedures adopted by ORSP serve to meet such compliance requirements.

In order to facilitate compliance with export controls, ORSP requires all UNF members seeking external funding for sponsored programs to complete an (insert a link to ORSP Form). This form includes questions related to export controls.

If the (insert name of Form) indicates a possible export control issue, the Principal Investigator (PI) will work with ORSP and the export compliance contact to complete a license determination. If an export license is required, the PI will assist ORSP with the license application.

Unfunded Research

Scholarship and other research activities that are conducted outside of ORSP (i.e., unsponsored or unfunded) may also be subject to export controls. Such activities are often initiated through more informal means and are not managed through formal ORSP procedures. In order to facilitate compliance with export controls for activities that occur outside the ORSP framework, UNF uses an Export Control Questionnaire that must be completed annually by faculty members as part of UNF's export compliance program.