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Recreation and Wellness

Nutrition Services

The UNF Wellness Dietitians offer FREE one on one nutrition counseling using a Health At Every Size (HAES)® aligned and Intuitive Eating approach.

Please email to schedule an appointment if you are a current UNF student, faculty or staff. Virtual nutrition appointments via Zoom or in-person available upon request.

Our Approach

What does it mean to be HAES® aligned?

The Health at Every Size (HAES)® approach is a health promotion framework for clients of all sizes that is not weight-centered. This approach is rooted in social justice as it supports health policies that improve access to information and health services, advocates for size-acceptance, works to end weight discrimination (in society and healthcare), and to move away from our cultures promotion of the "ideal" body.


For more information, please visit the Association for Size and Diversity Health Website.

What is Intuitive Eating?

  • A self-care eating framework that integrates natural instincts, emotions, and rational thought
  • A weight-inclusive and evidence-based model that has shown physical benefits such as improved cholesterol and triglycerides as well as emotional benefits such as higher self-esteem, well-being, proactive coping skills, body appreciation, and more
  • Helps students learn to respect their bodies, appreciate body diversity, and understand how to respond to their internal cues in regards to regulating food intake
  • Shifts focus away from weight or weight change and towards cultivating a positive, healthy, and supportive relationship with food
  • Guides individuals away from unsupportive dieting and/or disordered eating practices


For more information, please visit the Original Intuitive Eating Pros website.

What is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor?

A certification requires completion of a 46 hours Intuitive Eating Course and Exam, 7.5 hours Pro skills training and 4.5 hours of supervision with one of the original authors of the Intuitive Eating framework, Evelyn Tribole.nOnce certified, health professionals utilize the Intuitive Eating framework to partner with clients to cultivate a healthy, supportive, and low stress relationship with food, movement and their bodies.

Our services include nutrition counseling, health presentations and healthy cooking demos


Are you are interested in having the UNF Wellness Dietitians as guest lecturers for your UNF-affiliated class, club or organization?

Here are some example topics we can speak on:

  • "What is means to be Health At Every Size®Aligned"
  • "What are the Principles of Intuitive Eating?"
  • "Navigating Holiday Eating through Intuitive Eating" 

Please email inquiries to

Healthy Cooking Demos

The H.O.T. Kitchen is located in the Student Wellness Complex in the Department of Recreation & Wellness and equipped with a sink, oven, refrigerator and stove. 

Our teaching kitchen offers hands on education in basic cooking techniques and nutrition education. The UNF Wellness Dietitians host cooking demonstrations with easy to follow hot or cold recipes and use produce grown from our hydroponic, aeroponic tower garden.  A cooking demonstration is an engaging activity that students can participate in from the comfort of their own home or on UNF’s campus (future planning). Demonstrations involve learning new skills and trying new foods at no/low cost to the student. The cooking demos are an opportunity to address food insecurity on our campus by providing students with access to free groceries and the knowledge to prepare them.