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Recreation and Wellness

Healthy Osprey


The Healthy Osprey mission is to promote the health and well-being of the UNF community. Through our diverse programs and services we will foster physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual development which will lead to achieving and maintaining holistic health.

Programs and Services

Healthy Osprey Wellness Advocate

Our mission is to provide awareness to participants of their own aspirations and strengths that empower them to attain a healthy lifestyle. Wellness advocacy explores the 7 dimensions of wellness through one-on-one individualized sessions. Advocates develop a wellness plan and refer individuals to on and off campus resources. We are committed to helping students, staff and faculty attain their personal goals. 

Healthy Osprey Wellness Advocacy is a free service provided by the Department of Recreation and Wellness. To schedule an appointment call us at (904) 620-4769.

Wellness Guides

The Healthy Ospreys provide a variety of local and online resources for health topics such as physical health, spiritual health and sexual health. For more information, visit the Wellness Guides page.