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Recreation and Wellness

Osprey Challenge Course

The Osprey Challenge Course, known as the OCC, constructed and funded by UNF Student Government, is a unique experience to develop groups and an opportunity to re-energize every member in it. Our first step is to get to know your organization. There is no person or group that is the same, for that reason we develop a personalized program to better target your specific needs and expectations. Our course caters to student clubs, friend groups, teams, families, non-profits, corporations and other outside groups.

Participants have the opportunity to learn and develop themselves, as well as become aware of the strengths and leadership skills they contribute to their specific group, by collaborating with other group members to find solutions to challenging activities. It is through this experiential learning process that participants become stronger leaders, problem solvers, clear communicators and ultimately a positive addition to the group.

The OCC emphasizes transformation through character development, adventure, and challenges of mind, body and spirit to better understand the value and responsibility as an individual, group and community. The OCC envisions promoting a safe environment for individual growth by stepping outside personal comfort zones which enables participants to realize, from their experience, how valuable their individual characteristics contribute to their organization and integrating their individual capabilities in effort to excel their group to new heights.

Program Packages

For currently enrolled UNF students, programs are free. Outside programs range in price depending on activity. If you are having trouble deciding what program to sign up for or do not see one that focuses on what you had in mind contact us and we will be happy to work with you!


The course is unavailable while Eco Camp is in session


We are located just outside our Eco Adventure Office in Building 54. Limited parking is available in front of the Eco Adventure Office and is a premium lot only. Daily parking passes are available at parking services for $5. We highly recommend meeting off campus and carpooling.

If you have questions regarding your day at the challenge course, email us at or call us at (904) 620-5412.

Low/High Ropes & Zip Line

This 6 hour team building program offers a combination of our low and high initiatives. It is our flagship program and tends to show the most team dynamic growth throughout the day with two hours of icebreakers, games and ground elements and two hours up in the ropes course and ends with a zip over Lake Oneida. Starting cost is $600 for the first 8 people and $65 per each additional person.

Low Ropes & Zip Line

This 3 hour program helps form a group into a team ready for more advanced challenges and problem solving methods. This package includes the basic low elements with additional advancement into intermediate level initiatives to build on the foundation of team work and the opportunity to experience one of our two zip line options. Starting cost is $500 for the first 10 people and $35 per each additional person.

Zip Line

The Osprey Challenge Course has a total of four zip lines: two hydraulic-powered and two gravity lines. The Zip Line program is two hours of continuous zip lining and is our most popular program for big groups and social gatherings like birthdays. Starting cost is $450 for the first 15 people and $30 per each additional person.

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Sky Park Element

The Skypark is the newest addition to the Osprey Challenge Course! It allows participants to chose their own path through the course, thanks to a smart lanyard system that prevents clipping into the wrong cable. Join us for 11 unique challenges up to 40 feet in the air!

The Skypark is open for UNF students to use freely every first Thursday of the month from 5 PM-7 PM or schedule a 2-hour program for your group Monday-Saturday. The 2-hour program is $45 for the first 4 people, with a maximum group size of 30.