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Recreation and Wellness

Healthy Osprey Advisory Board

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to:
  • Provide overall strategic direction to the Healthy Osprey Initiative.
  • Raise awareness of the initiative, mobilize stakeholders and promote advocacy.
  • Promote collaboration between departments and organizations on and off campus.
  • Provide assistance and recommendations for the continuous improvement of Healthy Osprey.
  • Serve as a resource to the university and Healthy Osprey.

2022-2023 Committee Members

Chair: Ashley Ballard, Department of Recreation and Wellness

Co-Chair: Rachel Winter, Dean of Students

Kevin Anderson, Recreation and Wellness Ogier Gardens

Amy Lorenz, Housing and Residence Life

Michelle Moore, Graduate School Dean

Julie Merten, Faculty Excellence

Valarie Morrison, Student Health Services

Misha Bogomaz, Counseling Center

Tamara Gibson-Alonso, Public Health

Sub Committees

  1. Mental/Emotional Health
  2. Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs Awareness
  3. Social/Relationship Health
  4. Physical Health and Nutrition
  5. Eco Health/Built Environment