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Exterior of the Student Wellness Complex during dusk

Student Wellness Complex

Home to the Department of Recreation and Wellness Office, this state-of-the-art comprehensive Wellness Complex houses the largest fitness center in northeast Florida.  The goal of this facility is to provide quality indoor facilities that will enable them to participate in activities that will enhance their health and wellness levels and provide them with lifelong wellness and fitness skills for the future.


The 1st floor is home to the Member Services desk in the lobby where you can get membership information, class schedules, and merchandise sales. For those who want a healthy snack or meal, a "Jamba Juice" outlet is located in the lobby. Another standout feature of the first floor is the climbing wall that rises 34 feet to meet the track level giving views of activity on all floors. The majority of group fitness classes are scheduled among the three dedicated indoor group fitness rooms that enable us to offer multiple classes at one time. Spacious locker rooms accommodate restroom, shower, and changing needs for this busy facility. 


The 2nd floor is home to The Dottie Dorion Fitness Center.  This space boasts 27,000 square feet of fitness floor space and accommodates over 260 exercise stations. Located just off of the expansive cardio area is the outdoor multi-use balcony which is also used as an outdoor group fitness space. Also on the 2nd floor is the Dr. Paul Shirley Assessment Center where students can get immediate access to fitness and nutritional assessments.  


The 1/8 mile track on the 3rd floor circumnavigates the perimeter of the building giving views of the fitness level, atrium, and fantastic outdoor views through its large windows. 


No matter your fitness level, interests or abilities, there is something for everybody!


Student Wellness Complex Hours of Operation