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Recreation and Wellness

General Reservation Policies

Facility Use Agreement & Fees

Events and facility reservations require a Facility Use Agreement (FUA). To complete a FUA, the following are typically required: certificate of insurance, proof of tax exemption (if applicable), detailed schedule of event scope and needs, returned signed agreement. Rental rates apply except to current RSO, UNF Student Government, Office of Student Life events. These groups may be invoiced for direct-costs only. Waiver of rental rates to these UNF groups is based on the program or activity being fully student oriented. Off-campus participants changes the status of the event and fees will apply. Please note: UNF student programming is priority over external (public) events.

Insurance & Tax Exemption

A certificate of insurance is required to complete a contract for an event or facility reservation. Sales tax will be applied to all reservations unless a current certificate of exemption is provided.


A valid parking permit is required for all UNF events and facility reservations. Parking fees are determined based on the scope and schedule of the event and will be part of the agreement and final invoice.

Registered Student Organizations (RSO)

An RSO may request RecWell field and room reservations within the current semester. RSOs are recognized as active during the Fall & Spring semesters. Please note: RecWell fields and rooms are not available for reservation within the first two weeks of the semester; requests for the current semester may be submitted online once the semester begins and the third week of the semester is when bookings will start; RSO must be in good standing to be eligible to book space; Club Sports teams are required to attend the Club Sport meeting and complete paperwork through the RecWell Business Office located in the Student Wellness Complex, building 61, suite 1200.


Group Fitness room use is prioritized for RecWell group fitness programs, indoor club sports groups, and RecWell staff meetings and training. These rooms are not available for reservation for private group fitness classes.


UNF Recreation and Wellness contracts with a concessions vendor who has the first right of refusal for all concession sales.


UNF Recreation and Wellness reserves the right to cancel field use based on assessing weather impact to participant safety or field care.

Thunder and Lightning

Once you hear thunder and or see lightning, you must seek shelter until 30 minutes from the last sound of thunder and or vision of lightning. When you first see lightning or hear thunder, that is the time to take action. Go to a building or a vehicle. Lightning often precedes rain, so don't wait for the rain to begin before suspending activities. Groups are expected to adhere to this policy independently in addition to following the directions of any RecWell staff member that enforces this policy. Failure to follow this policy or directives from RecWell staff will be documented and may impact eligibility for future reservation requests. Each weather situation is unique and it may be necessary to cancel the event instead of delaying the event.

Weather Delay

The Department of Recreation and Wellness reserves the right to determine safety of the playing field based on weather. Groups are expected to adhere to the Thunder and Lightning Policy. Groups are also to understand that periods of heavy rain may soak the playing field enough to make it hazardous both for the participants and for the care of the field. RecWell administration reserves the right to cancel field use based on assessing weather impact to participant safety or field care.

Online Requests

All requests for event or reservation of space should be submitted online for routing. Reservations must be made at least 14 days in advance. External contracts may require more lead-time to confirm availability and complete contractual requirements. A RecWell staff member will follow-up with you following your online submission.

On-Campus User General Policies

  • These general policies are a summary. Full policies listed in the agreement provided.
  • All inquiries must go through the Competitive Sports Office (CSO).
  • Registered Student Organizations (RSO) and university departments may reserve space from the RecWell Department.
  • Parking: User is responsible for informing event attendees of approved parking lot(s). The CSO is not responsible for any parking tickets event attendees receive.
  • All attendees must bring valid OspreyOne Card for entrance to RecWell Fields, Student Wellness Complex and the Field House to validate current student status and that a current waiver is on file. Waivers will be provided as needed. RecWell will determine the type of waiver required for the event.
  • All participants must enter and leave through the main entrance. 
  • All participants must follow all policies and procedures of the RecWell Department:
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted for student events.
  • Food must be pre-approved.  
  • Groups may only use facility for the contracted time period. 
  • The RecWell Department is not responsible for any personal items left.
  • Each group is responsible for leaving the facility/field in the same condition it was found. RecWell staff may inspect the facility/field before and after if damage is suspected.
  • RecWell management reserves the right to cancel or modify any reservation at any time.
  • Club Sport Team Requests:
    • All inquiries must go through the CSO.
    • A current RSO status is required for reservations
    • Changes, cancellation, and no-show policies apply

Changes, Cancellations & No Shows:

  • Requests for changes must be received at least 48 business hours prior to the event. We cannot guarantee that all requests can be accommodated.
  • The cancellation deadline is noon on the business day prior to the event.
  • Failure to cancel by this deadline or show up will result in the following penalties:
    • Student groups - Receive "No Show" penalty. After two (2) No Shows in one semester, reservations privileges are lost and all existing reservations are cancelled.
    • Departments - Still responsible for all charges associated with the reservation.