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Recreation and Wellness

Club Sports Participant Handbook

The information outlined in the Club Sports Participant Handbook is designed to inform participants of the general policies and procedures that will govern participation in all activities sponsored by the Club Sports Program.

General Information


The University of North Florida Department of Recreation and Wellness Club Sports program enhances the quality of life in the student community by promoting an active and balanced lifestyle and encourages student learning through participation in Club Sports Programs. In accomplishing our mission, the Club Sports program maintains progressive and well managed facilities in a safe and enjoyable environment.


Club Sport is a recognized student organization that has been formed by individuals motivated by a common interest and a desire to participate in a gross motor sports activity. It exists to promote and develop interest in that sport by providing its members opportunities to learn new skills, refine existing skills, engage in competition, and enjoy the recreational and social fellowship of sport. Some clubs are individually-oriented while others are team-oriented. While some compete with other universities and clubs throughout the country, others may participate in local demonstrations, shows, or contests.

Club Sports at UNF are to provide an organizational base to meet the variety of student sport and recreation interests not met at the intramural or intercollegiate level. Club Sports are not part of the UNF Athletic Department, nor should they be mistaken as varsity sports supported by those funds. As with other student-based organizations, the members of the club assume primary responsibility for the financial and organizational obligations associated with the club. There will be no University-paid scholarships and no University paid coaching staff. Some funding may be made available through Student Government, but most comes from the members themselves and their fundraising efforts.

Outline of Club Organization & Duties

  • It should be noted that the following duties for each position are simply suggestions and that clubs may specific on their own behalf.
  • All officers need to be currently enrolled A&S fee paying students at the
  • University of North Florida.


The president serves as the chief officer to the club sport. He or She will be the primary contact pertaining to anything related to the club sport.

  • The President is ultimately responsible to ensure that all duties are properly allocated and are completed in a timely manner.
  • Responsible for organizing all general and special meetings.
  • Preside over meetings and make sure they are directed to meet the club's objectives.
  • Know and Understand the Club Sports Handbook and follow its policies.
  • Maintain consistent and adequate communication with the Club Sports Coordinator on the status of the club.
  • Attend all meetings held by the Club Sports Coordinator or Osprey Involvement Center or appoint an individual if not able to attend.
  • Attend Financial workshops held by Osprey Involvement Center or have someone attend for the club if not able too.
  • Ensure that the club remains in good standing with Osprey Involvement Center and all the necessary documentation is up to date.
  • Make sure every club member has signed and turned in a waiver into the Club Sports Office in order to participate.
  • Notify Club Sports Coordinator of changes in leadership.
  • Promote good sportsmanship on and off the field of play.
  • Implement proper disciplinary measure when necessary.
  • Submit facility requests by the proper deadlines.
  • Notify Club Sports Coordinator of travel, fund raising, or other actions planned to be performed by the club.
  • Check the club mailbox in club commons weekly.

Vice President

  • Assist the President and fill in when the President is not present.
  • Assist Club with scheduling games and special events.
  • Assist with travel (Transportation, Lodging, and Food)
  • Arrange for officials and field preparation when necessary.
  • Assist in the promotion of the best interest of the club.
  • Fulfill responsibilities as assigned by Club President or Club Sports Coordinator.


  • Attend financial workshop held by Osprey Involvement Center at the beginning of the semester.
  • Ensure that all club members have paid their dues if required.
  • Receive all money for the club and pay club's bills.
  • Responsible for all club purchases and must adhere to proper procedures.
  • Must keep all financial records of the club.
  • Prepare and make a current financial report (written and oral) at all club meetings.
  • Prepare a written summary of all financial transactions and balances at the last meeting of each semester and file the student government financial report.
  • Fulfill responsibilities as assigned by Club President or Club Sports Coordinator.


  • Shall record and read the minutes of all meetings.
  • Contact all members of club to remind them of upcoming meetings, events, tournament, etc.
  • Keep record of all Club Sport activities
  • Shall make a report of the work and accomplishments of the club each semester.
  • Circulate publicity and seek approval for flyers/publicity materials.
  • Fulfill responsibilities as assigned by Club President or Club Sports Coordinator.


Each club is required to have a full-time faculty or staff of the University to serve as an advisor to the club. It is requested that he or she have particular interest in the sport of the club. A good advisor will be able to contribute to the club by serving as a guide. They should allow the club to be self-organized, self-governed, and self-operated. It will be the responsibility of the advisor to provide the club with a mature judgment, educated advice, and insight into the Universities operation and policies. The following is a list of responsibilities of an advisor but is not limited:

  • Signing on all important Osprey Involvement Center, Student Government and Student Union forms.
  • Explaining relevant University policies to the organization.
  • Assisting the RSO when requested by either the general body or the officers.
  • Ensuring a safe environment for all of the club members and leadership.
  • Maintaining communication between them, the RSO and Osprey Involvement Center.

In order to replace an Advisor the following steps should be followed in order to make sure a good transition takes place:

  • Utilize the dismissal process outlined in your RSO's constitution
  • Inform the RSO's members
  • Inform the Advisor of the RSO's decision
  • Inform Osprey Involvement Center
  • Find an Advisor based on the recommendations previously stated
  • Update the new Advisor's information with Osprey Involvement Center Leadership
  • Schedule a meeting between the club officers, former club Advisor and the new club Advisor to pass on valuable information and train the new Advisor

Coach/ Instructor

A coach or instructor is not required but clubs may seek the assistance of a(n) coach /instructor. This individual should be an experienced and knowledgeable person in the club's sport or activity. If a coach is to be used for the club then the club sport coordinator shall be notified of the selection. It should be noted that the use of funds provided by student government is not allowed to cover paying a(n) coach/instructor. It is important that the Coach realize that the Club is a student organization that must follow certain guidelines and that he/she should refrain from activities involved in the club's management. The Coach/Instructor will plan and oversee safe instruction and training for various skill levels to be used in practice and in competition. He/she is responsible for ensuring members are educated in the following areas:

  • Overview of sport
  • Rules of the game
  • Inherent risk of participating
  • Practicing Correctly and Incorrectly
  • Difference in Practice and a game
  • Emergency Procedures

Note: Coaches do not receive special permission to park on campus and must follow University Policies.

Leadership Opportunities

The policies and procedures defined in this handbook are set in place to ensure that all Club Sports are treated fairly. It has been designed to complement with UNF's student Handbook and club leaders and officials should become familiar with the understanding of both. The strength and success of the Club Sport is dependent on the dedicated efforts and initiatives of its leaders, and the aspirations of its members. This provides each club and its leaders with a unique opportunity to develop and carry out both athletic and leadership abilities. Leaders are directly involved in all facets of their organization's administration. Club officials will be required to devote their time and effort toward the development of the organization and its continuation.

Club Officials Responsibility

Responsibilities of the club's officials include but are not limited to:

  • Serving as a liaison between Club Alliance & the Club
  • Communicate with the Club Sports Coordinator in Recreation and Wellness
  • Carry out practices/meetings
  • Provide ongoing daily management
  • Ensure timely completion of all administrative tasks/forms
  • Knowledge of policies/procedures of Recreation and Wellness Club Sports Program
  • Club spokesperson
  • Facilitating transition of club leadership to new officials

Benefits of Starting a Club

  • Ability to reserve certain University spaces at no cost or discounted rates
  • Listed in club directory
  • Access to club commons area during Student Union hours
  • Space to hold meetings
  • Access to materials to make road signs and use frames
  • Use of University printing and duplication services
  • Eligible for participation in Homecoming events
  • Eligible to be included in Student Update notices
  • Eligible for Web Calendar of Events
  • Inclusion in Club Alliance events like Club Fest, Spring Bash, President's Luncheon, and President's Gala
  • Eligible for club pricing for advertisements in the Spinnaker
  • A club mailbox in Club Commons

Starting a Club

Any currently enrolled UNF student may submit a request to start a new club sport as long as its goals and objectives do not duplicate another existing club. The only exception is if there is a difference in gender between the two (i.e. Women's Soccer vs. Men's Soccer). It should be known that a few things should be considered before starting a new club

  • Will you be a recreational or competitive sport?
  • What facilities exist to meet your playing needs?
  • What safety issues might exist?
  • Does a collegiate league or other league exist?
  • Is there a critical mass of students interested in participating?

Before a group can be officially recognized by the University as an official Sports Club, and subsequently receive funding for the club, the following steps must be followed:

  • Visit the Club Alliance website and follow the directions for becoming a club (a minimum of 10 students plus a faculty advisor will be necessary).
  • Submit the necessary documentation to Club Alliance via their website
  • Write a constitution adhering to the policies under club alliance
  • Once final recognition is granted, your club will be able to access university facilities for use. (Use of courts in the arena, fields, storage space, and classrooms for meetings, etc.)
  • Contact the Club Sports Coordinator about your club
  • Attend club alliance meetings and abide by the attendance/ absence policy. More than 2 absences places your club on suspension, visit Osprey Involvement Center website for required meeting dates.

The success and strength of the sport club program is based upon the initiative of student leaders and the total involvement of club members. Each sports club offers students opportunities to become directly involved with the administration and supervision of their club. Members collectively have the responsibility of writing their constitution, by-laws, setting up organizational meetings, informing new members of the club's programs, establishing club dues, raising funds to support the club's activities, and planning and promoting the club events.

Club Registration Renewal

Registration for Clubs expires July 1st. Clubs must re-register to remain recognized by Club Alliance and the University. In addition to any previously mentioned regulation, eligibility for official University recognition as a Registered Student Organization and continuance of the same is dependent on:

  • The RSO name must relate in a positive manner to the objectives of UNF
  • The members accept the standard policies of UNF and relate in a positive manner to the educational objectives of UNF; and
  • The RSO conforms to the laws and regulations on a local, state, and national level. RSOs must comply with the United States Constitution, policies of the UNF Board of Trustees, the Rules and Regulations of the University of North Florida, the Club Alliance Handbook, and the policies and procedures set forth by Student Government. Any violation of these policies will be the responsibility of the organization's members, officers, and advisor.



Sport Clubs should be aware of the image that they portray to not only students at UNF but also the general community. Not only do they represent themselves but they represent the Club Sport program and University of North Florida. If a club is discovered to engage in inappropriate behavior the proper measures will be taken. Examples of these behaviors are but not limited to alcohol consumption, hazing, lewd acts, etc... Sport Clubs are also responsible for the imagery and perception they reveal to the public via social networks or other websites. Do remember that once it is online it is then public for everyone and anyone to see. 

If an incident were to happen where the UNF Police Department or other law agencies are to intervene it is the full responsibility of the club to cooperate to the fullest extent. Each club will also be responsible for all guests who take part as participants and/or spectators.


Club sports must adhere to the Universities' policy on Hazing. As per the University policy, Hazing is defined by the University as: "any group or individual action or activity which recklessly or intentionally inflicts or intends to inflict physical or mental harm or discomfort, or which may demean, disgrace, or degrade any person, regardless of location, intent, or consent of participant(s)". The following is a list of examples but not limited to: pressuring or coercing a student into violating state or federal law; any action that intentionally or recklessly causes physical or mental harm, such as beating, branding, forced physical activity or exposure to the elements, or forced consumption of alcohol or any other substance. Hazing is a criminal offense in Florida, and UNF shares the national concern over the negative effects of hazing on the campus environment. The University will take strong and swift action against any instances of hazing, and will refer to local or state authorities for criminal prosecution whenever appropriate. If Hazing occurs please use the following contacts to report the incident:

  • Office of the Vice President for Student and International Affairs: (904) 620-2600
  • Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life: (904) 620-2975
  • University Police Department: (904) 620-2800
  • Club Sports Coordinator: (904) 620-5107

Alcohol/Drug Policy

Alcohol or drug uses are not permitted in any Recreation and Wellness facility, field, or club sport event. For the purposes of this policy, the following definitions (as per Florida Statutes) shall apply:

  • Alcohol (or alcoholic beverage): means distilled spirits and any beverage containing 0.5 percent or more alcohol by volume.
  • Illicit Drug: means a controlled substance or "designer d-g" under provisions of Chapter 893, Florida Statutes.

It will be the club's responsibility to monitor all participants and spectator and club events to ensure that drugs and alcohol are not present. Transporting and/or consuming alcohol/drugs on a club sport trip are also prohibited. Failure to adhere to these policies could result in loss of club sport privileges and/or the club's affiliation with the University of North Florida's Recreation and Wellness Department.

*Each Club is a representative of the University of North Florida and will abide by all bylaws and code of conduct as described in the University Handbook. Failure to do so will result in the appropriate disciplinary action accordingly.

*When clubs travel they must adhere to these policies and are also responsible for obeying to other University Policies. Clubs are to be respectful and provide a good image for our University when taking part in competition elsewhere.

Risk Management


All club sport members are required to sign an Acknowledgment, Indemnity, Waiver and Release of Liability prior to any participation in any club activity on or off campus. If a club member is under the age of l8 a parent or guardian must sign the form as well. It will be the responsibility of the club President to ensure that any new members joining must sign and turn in these waivers prior to any participation in club activities. Failure to do so could result in civil liability. Field and Facility use will not be granted until all members sign a waiver.

Outdoor Sports Weather & Field Use Policy

Thunder and Lightning Policy

Once you hear thunder and or see lightning, you must seek shelter until 30 minutes from the last sound of thunder and or vision of lightning. When you first see lightning or hear thunder, that is the time to take action.  Go to a building or a vehicle. Lightning often precedes rain, so don’t wait for the rain to begin before suspending activities. Club teams are expected to adhere to this policy independently.

Weather Delay

The Department of Recreation and Wellness reserves the right to determine safety of the playing field based on weather.  Club Sports teams are expected to adhere to the Thunder and Lightning Policy.  Teams are also to understand that periods of heavy rain may soak the playing field enough to make it hazardous both for the players and for the care of the field.  RecWell administration reserves the right to cancel field use based on assessing weather impact to player safety or field care.


The Department of Recreation and Wellness recommends that each club designate an individual as a "safety officer" to oversee safety issues dealing with the club. It is also recommended that each club have several of its member certified in First Aid/CPR and information for these classes can be obtained from the club sport coordinator. If a club is traveling for an away event it should be the safety officer's responsibility to learn the procedures of the host campus/ site. Here at UNF, Club Sports safety is a priority and it's the responsibility of the officers and advisors to ensure that every possible precaution is taken.

  • Clubs must report all injuries to the Club Sport Coordinator whether the injury or accident took place at home or away and/or in traveling to and from. An incident report form must be filed with the Department of Recreation and Wellness.
  • It is the clubs responsibility to abide by all national, state and local safety regulations as well as normal safety procedures.
  • Proper inspection of equipment should be conducted prior to use to ensure safe standards and to identify possible safety hazards. Any improper equipment must be reported to the Club Sport Coordinator so the proper actions can be taken.
  • Some of our clubs have the right to have members pass tests for swimming, sailing, scuba or other related standards to ensure members are safe to engage in club activities. It will be the President who enforces this requirement.
  • In the case of inclement or severe weather issues, the club sport coordinator or other representatives of Recreation and Wellness due have the right to halt or cancel practices/games in order to ensure the safety of the clubs and spectators.

With the growing concern on concussions in sport activities, if an individual exhibits the following symptoms he/she must be removed from activity and shall not return until cleared by a medical professional.

  • Headache or a feeling of pressure in the head
  • Temporary loss of consciousness
  • Confusion or feeling as if in a fog
  • Amnesia surrounding the traumatic event
  • Dizziness or "seeing stars"
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Slurred speech
  • Fatigue

*For Minor injuries each team should have a first aid kit and ice on site. If assigned a game day supervisor, ice and first aid will be assigned.

*For Emergencies please follow the following procedures.

Emergency Procedures

In case of an emergency please conduct the following steps:

  • Assess the situation: Is the situation a true emergency?
  • Be in command of the situation: The advisor, president or highest-ranking officer or staff person needs to take charge. This individual will be responsible for contacting certain personnel and keeping a detailed record of every action taken by documenting duties, times, actions taken, people involved, etc.
  • Dial 911: If it's a true emergency the first call should always be to the emergency number, 9l1. Also, do not hesitate to contact UNF police at (904) 620-2800.
  • Provide Care: Care for the victim(s) only if you are properly trained and currently certified or find someone that is.
  • Assemble all participants: Assemble individuals at the event and explain the steps to be taken. Ask them to halt all activity at the scene until the situation has been resolved, and to make NO statements to anyone other than appropriate University or Police officials.
  • Contact the Club Sport Coordinator and Club Advisor: A complete report of any situation where emergency or crises procedures have been used must be filed with the Coordinator in the Recreation and Wellness Department.
  • News Media: Never say "no comment" to a representative of the news media. Indicate that a statement will be made at a later time when more information is available. This includes UNF media like the Spinnaker.
*In the event of an injury, an incident report must be completed and filed with Recreation and Wellness as soon as possible after it occurs.

Facility Use/Scheduling


All requests for use of University Space or equipment must be presented to the Coordinator of Club Sports. He will make the request on behalf of the club to the appropriate facility supervisor. Only recognized student clubs can be granted use of university facilities and equipment. At the start of each semester each club will submit a written request for field/facility use. Keep in mind that there are many clubs requesting space on campus and that there is no guarantee on space requested. It is a first come, first served policy. Please do not advertise an event or practice until you have confirmation of the facility/field use.

At the start of each semester, Clubs are required to submit their competition schedule with dates and times in writing as soon as they are official. Any change or cancellation should be reported to the club sport coordinator immediately by both phone and email. On weekends contact the front desk of the student wellness center. It is very vital that this process take place as soon as possible to allow for proper scheduling of events and preparation of the field/facility being used. 

Once schedules are set, any new events must be submitted at the minimum of two weeks before the event. A request does not guarantee use of the facility/field, only a written confirmation from the sports club coordinator guarantees use.

Clubs are responsible to adhere to University policies and must follow appropriate use requirements for the facility reserved. Failure to adhere to the follow policies or inappropriate use of the field/facility will result in possible compensation from the club, loss of privileges, and/or loss of recognition from the club sport program.

Spectators are welcomed at club-related events and must adhere to policies and stay within the event area. Any children under the age of 16 must have proper adult supervision.

Visiting Clubs are required to follow UNF policies and must adhere to parking regulations.

Alcohol and Tobacco are not permitted at any event, game, or practice.

Proper cleanup and maintenance must take place each time a club uses a facility or field.


Student Government Funding


Student Government Funding for RSOs exists to provide programming and support services for the interests of the student body.


SG Funding for RSOs comes from the Activity & Service Fee (A&S Fee). Access to SG Funding is not guaranteed, and its use is subject to various terms and conditions.

The A&S Fee is paid per credit hour by the students of the University of North Florida as authorized by Florida Statute 1009.24.

  • 1009.24 The student activity and service fees shall be expended for lawful purposes to benefit the student body in general. This shall include, but shall not be limited to, student publications and grants to duly recognized student organizations, the membership of which is open to all students at the university without regard to race, sex, or religion.

A&S Fees shall be allocated and expended in accordance with all applicable policies of the University of North Florida, and laws of the State of Florida and the United States of America.


All RSOs are can become eligible for funding from Student Government.

In general, to qualify for access to funding through Student Government, an RSO must meet the following expectations:

  1. Be in good standing with Club Alliance. This means that an RSO must uphold all of its responsibilities to Club Alliance, as defined in the RSO Responsibilities Section of this handbook.
  2. Have a representative attend two consecutive Club Alliance Meetings (takes about two months).
  3. The RSO's president and treasurer must pass the Student Government Funding Quiz with 80% or more of the questions answered correctly.



SG funding is not accessed like a checking account. The money may be spent through the University's Purchasing system (via requisition and invoice process), through invoices from on campus services (including University caterers, postage), or through reimbursements for items purchased with an RSO member's personal money. All purchases require prior approval from the Student Government Business & Accounting Office. Requests are subject to the guidelines of the Student Government Finance Code - Title VIII of the SG Constitution and Statutes. RSOs may only use allocated funds to benefit the Student Body in general - by supporting activities that reflect genuine student interest and enhance the educational, cultural, social or recreational interest of the Student Body on campus. Unspent money from one year does not roll over to the next and funds can only be spent prior to the dates set by Student Government each year. The financial representative of each RSO is required to turn over all financial records to their successor at the end of their term.

Restricted Purchases

RSOs may not utilize SG funding for:

  1. Items that will be resold.
  2. Monetary prizes, gift certificates, or raffles.
  3. Direct donations to philanthropic or political organizations.
  4. Activities that solely benefit non-UNF students; such as materials, supplies, or resources that directly benefit philanthropic organizations.
  5. Internal operational expenses that will be used by a Closed RSO.
  6. Travel, Events, and entertainment that is not open to all students, including those events that charge an admission fee, with the exception of Student Government sponsored concerts.
  7. Personal Items.
  8. Alcoholic beverages.
  9. Prizes in excess of $35.00 per prize.
  10. T-Shirts over $7.00 per shirt.
  11. Polo's or Uniforms over $15.00 per polo/uniform.
  12. Salaries and/or OPS wages, for personnel in support of a RSOs operation (however, lump sum, fees can be paid).
  13. Construction, permanent structural improvements, or remodeling unless approved by the SG Senate, or previously allocated for such purposes in the A&S Fee Budget
  14. Enrollment in courses, academic requirements, academic related projects, academic related trips, required academic activities, and academic materials.
  15. Travel related expenses, except for funding allocated in the travel request process, through the B&A Committee.
  16. Indirect travel expenses such as: excess baggage charge, valet service, and trailer hitches.
  17. Automobile rental, other than through approved travel reimbursement.
  18. Travel reimbursements, and event/program reimbursements above the amount actually expended.
  19. Travel reimbursements for mileage for trips where it would have been more economical to rent a car, and for travel under 50 miles round trip.
  20. Travel reimbursements for fuel, unless the vehicle used is rented from a provider approved by the university.

Printed Materials

Printed Materials are to be procured through a purchase order, and never through reimbursement.

Any printed items purchased all or in part by A&S Fees shall be required to either have the statement "Funded by Student Government," or a similar statement approved by the SG Business Manager, in a conspicuous location, size, and proportion to the item being printed. Please see the Marketing Section of this Handbook for more information.


All expenditures shall require approval. Failure to do so will result in the purchaser assuming all liability pertaining to the purchase.

RSOs should communicate with the Club Accountant to cover the expenditure process. This communication should happen before submitting a purchase request.

During the approval process, the Club Accountant will make sure that your order is up to code, and that your organization has funds available.

If your organization is submitting a purchase request for reimbursement, it's best if you get approval before purchasing. This is important because there may not be enough funds to reimburse the payee, or the purchase might not be reimbursable.

If your organization is submitting a purchase request for a printed material, or a purchase order, approval can come as you turn the form in.

Splitting the Difference

If Student Government cannot fund an event or operation in full, an organization can split the difference of the purchase with Student Government.

Grant Request

All funding eligible RSOs can request grants from the Club Funding Board. The grants shall be allocated for events, operations, and services only.

The requests must be for specific, defined purposes, and must be justifiable to the Club Funding Board.

RSOs may request up to $1000.00 per event/operation/service from the Club Funding Board. All larger requests must go through the B&A Committee as a Special Request.

RSOs may begin requesting grants as soon as they are eligible for funding, and can continue to request until the end of the fiscal year deadlines (set by the Business & Accounting Office), or until the funding index has been depleted.

To request a grant, complete a Grant Request, and submit it to the Business & Accounting Office. The Grant Request will then be heard by the Club Funding Board.

If the request is approved, then the requesting organization can communicate with the Club Accountant for approval, and then submit a Purchase Request to expend the funds.

Event Funding

Event funding applies to goods that are used for events, such as food, t-shirts, posters, microphone rentals, etc. All RSOs are eligible for event-based funding from Student Government, so long as every student has the potential to attend.

Operational Funding

Operational funding applies to goods that are used regularly by an RSO, such as office supplies, equipment, uniforms, etc. Only open RSOs may request operational funding. Goods with an expected lifetime greater than three years will need to be inventoried by the Business & Accounting Office yearly.

Service Funding

Service funding applies to all human and contractual services, such as a band, food truck, and snow cone machine rental. It does not apply to catered food.

Contracts must be negotiated, and can take a very long time to finalize (around 7 weeks).

For questions about possible services, contact Club Alliance.

Travel Request

RSOs may apply for travel funding from the Budget & Allocations Committee. This funding applies to all off-campus activities. An RSO must be in good standing with Club Alliance to apply. Each RSO may request up to $2,000 per fiscal year towards travel, registration, and lodging. No individual may receive more than $500 per fiscal year. To request travel funding, complete the Travel Request Form located on the Student Government Website.

For more information regarding the Travel Request process, please contact the Budget and Allocations Chair.

Special Request

An RSO may apply for funding from the Student Government Senate for special events and operations. Travel may not be requested through Special Request. An RSO must be in good standing with Club Alliance to apply. To request funding for special events and operations, complete the Special Request Form located on the Student Government Website. For more information regarding the Special Request process, please contact the Budget and Allocations Chair.

Expending Funds

RSOs wishing to expend any allocated funds must submit a Purchase Request to the Business and Accounting Office. The form can be found on the Club Alliance Website, or in the Club Commons.

Funding is typically allocated through Purchase Order or Reimbursement (See the options on the Purchase Requests). Other methods of expenditure will be determined by the Club Accountant.

Purchase Order

Payment will come directly from Student Government. For a purchase order, an official business quote must be attached to the Purchase Request Form. This allows the University to place the order directly with the vendor. The process time for the order to go through, and arrive, is approximately three weeks. The Purchase Request must be submitted to the Business & Accounting Office at least three weeks in advance of the expected delivery date. Purchase Requests for food orders may be eligible to be paid upfront by the Student Government Business & Accounting Office through a purchase order. Speak with the Club Accountant to if you will need Student Government to pay for the food order up front. Once the Purchase Request is approved, the SG Business & Accounting Office will have the only authority to initiate production, payment, and shipment of the item. All printed materials are to be procured through a Purchase Request.


To receive reimbursement, the Purchase Request Form must have the original itemized receipts of the purchase attached. The reimbursement request must be submitted to the Business & Accounting Office within 10 business days of the purchase. Reimbursements cannot be made for printed materials. Reimbursements will not be made for sales tax.

Non-Student Government Funding

Club Bank/Credit Account

RSOs who are expecting to generate money can establish a bank or credit union account.

An account is necessary if RSOs intend to charge admission or sell tickets to events at UNF.

We recommend that the account be established using the RSO advisor's own Employer Identification Number (EIN).

An organization's personal funds are not involved with the funding that Student Government allocates.

Student Government is not responsible for an organization's personal funds.


No RSO may have fundraising as its main purpose or activity.

In the Student Union

RSOs may sell merchandise on campus as long as the correct paperwork has been completed from the Student Union Reservations Office.

If the RSO has established a financial account using its own Employer Identification Number, within stated guidelines, RSOs may sponsor the presence of an outside vendor on campus in return for monetary or other compensation.

Regulation on Foods

Food being sold for a bake sale, or served at an open meeting, or distributed at no charge for advertisement or recruiting purposes must comply with the Florida Cottage Food Act or obtain a Temporary Event Permit from the Florida Department of Health in Duval County.

The Cottage Industry Foods Act permits homemade foods - primarily baked goods, and confections. More information on this is available on the Club Alliance Website, and in the Club Commons.


If an RSO wishes to request donations at an event, the RSO should not be directly stationed at the point of admittance, but further into the facility.

When a donation is requested at an event or elsewhere, a particular amount to contribute cannot be specified.

Persons who decline to donate must be allowed admittance.

RSOs should not ask members of the Jacksonville business community for monetary donations without coordinating the request through the Club Alliance Advisor.

In the Student Union

The RSO must have completed the correct paperwork from the Student Union Reservations Office.



Publicity is necessary for all Club Sports Teams to attract new members and inform others of team activities. Reasons to publicize are the following:

  • To build membership
  • To raise money
  • To publicize events (practices, meetings, competitions)
  • To raise visibility of the team on campus

There are multiple ways to publicize for your club and proper planning of a publicity campaign should take place to receive maximum benefits. Publicity needs to be clear concise and have creativity to it. Allow the proper time to design the publicity and time for your campaign to be absorbed by your target audience. Remember to provide publicity in multiple forms and adhere to proper university policies. If your club needs any assistance in designing or executing your plan contact the club sport coordinator for guidance.

The following methods can be used to publicize your club but are not limited to:

  • Create a website and/or social media account
  • Booths at on-campus functions i.e. club fest
  • Radio/newspaper
  • T-shirts
  • Banners, Road Signs, Flyers, Posters (please adhere to Club Alliance policies for approval)
  • Word of mouth is most important so set a good example