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FortiClient VPN on iOS

The FortiClient VPN is available in the Google Play store. To download please follow these steps:

  1. Search "FortiClient VPN" in the App Store store and select "Get":


    FortiClient VPN iOS store


  2. Accept the privacy policy:


    FortiClient private policy on iOS


  3. The next screen is a prompt to "Allow FortiClient VPN to add VPN Configurations:


    FortiClient new features on iOS


    FortiClient add VPN Configurations on iOS


  4. Select Add Configuration


    FortiClient Add Configuration for iOS


  5. At the Add/Edit VPN Screen:
    1. Select Name and enter UNF
    2. Select host and enter
    3. Select User and enter your UNF id (N number)
    4. Save

    FortiClient Add Edit VPN on iOS


  6. Make sure UNF is checked and elect Done. Then select the VPN button to go back:


    Add VPN Configuration on iOS


  7. Turn the VPN toggle on. the username should automatically populate. Enter your UNF id (N number) and password then select ok:


    FortiClient UserName and Password on iOS


  8. Using Duo Security with FortiClient:

    When users log into the client with their username and password, they will receive an automatic push or phone callback for their Duo Security account. Learn more about Duo 2FA.


    Duo Push to allow access to VPN


    FortiClient Duo push on iOS


  9. If the connection was successful the screen will show status connected:


    FortiClient connected on iOS