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SPSS Licensing Notice

When you use SPSS on a computer attached to the University's network or through a VPN connection, your license will not expire. However, if you choose to use it on a laptop not connected to the University's network, you will need to use a SPSS commuter licence. The way SPSS designed their license structure to work is that when it is first installed, you are given a seven day license. You can get a 30-day extension on the license, but your C-tech will need to install the commuter license (patch) for you.

Every thirty days, you will need to connect to UNF's network (by physically attaching your laptop to UNF's network or using a VPN connection) and use the Commuter License tool to check out the license again. This license limitation is set by the software company.

After your C-tech installs SPSS and the Commuter License patch, you can follow these easy instructions to renew your license as needed (every thirty days if you are running SPSS on a computer that is not physically connected to UNF's network or through a VPN connection)

  1. Go to Start and select SPSS and then the Commuter License tool.

    Start location
  2. Click on the version of SPSS you use and change the Duration to a maximum of 30. Click the "Check Out" button.

    check out location
  3. You will then see a check mark next to your license. You will need to repeat this process every thirty days when you use SPSS on a laptop not physically connected to the University's network or not connected through VPN.

    check mark next to license