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Hicks Honors College

Get Involved With Honors

Hicks Honors Collage Students

  • The Honors Student Union (HSU) is open to all Hicks Honors College students. They host various events throughout the year and are home to several smaller Honors Interest Groups (HIGGS) such as Unidos in Honors or the Transfer Student Alliance. Join these groups for events such as movie nights, Latin-themed Just Dance, game nights, and more!
  • Honors Seminar Courses are a great way for our students to get to know other Honors students as well as faculty, all while in the context of an interesting topic such as UNF Ghost Tours or Design Thinking.
  • Events: the Hicks Honors College will often hold several events a semester for our students. Keep an eye on our social media, weekly Hicks Happenings newsletter, and your email for announcements!


Faculty can engage with both Hicks Honors students and the Hicks Honors College by acting as a mentor for an Honors student or by teaching an Honors section of a class in their discipline. 


  • Encourage students to complete Honors in the Major (and join the Hicks Honors College)
  • Nominate a student for a national fellowship or scholarship
  • Serve on a Fellowship Committee
  • Serve on the Honors Council
  • Mentor an Honors student's capstone project


  • You can teach an Honors section of a class in your discipline, for example: (H) Calculus I or (H) Professional Communication for Business.
  • Teach an Honors seminar, for example: (H) New Brain Research or (H) Creativity, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship. 
  • Become an Honors Faculty Fellow.

Faculty, please email if any of these opportunities interest you!

the Hicks Honors tree near the UNF Student UnionThe Honors Tree, near the UNF Student Union.

Want to connect with other Honors students? 

The Honors Student Union (HSU for short) is a student-run organization aimed at deepening connections within the Honors community.

All Honors students are enrolled in the HSU Canvas page upon admittance to the program. HSU suggests you follow their Instagram: unfhsu.


Current HSU members should ensure their Canvas notifications are enabled so that they are aware of upcoming events. 
UNF Honors Student Union logo

What HSU Does: 

  • Hosts events for Honors students
  • Works with both Honors students and staff 
  • Uses the Honors Interest Groups to help connect individuals in Honors.

Photo Submissions

Honors now has a photo submission form (also in our social media bios). Photos, both recent and historical are welcome so long as they are at least tangentially related to the Hicks Honors College/Honors Program. All we ask is for a little context, and if you want your submission to be anonymous.😊