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Hicks Honors College

Honors Advising


First-Year Advising

If you are a first-year honors student, for advising help, please contact the First-Year Advising Office. 

Phone: 904-620-1012


Academic Advising

Each student has an assigned major advisor.    The assigned major advisor can assist with course selection related to the major and minor (if applicable). The name of the assigned major advisor is located in the first block of Degree Works.  Students should contact their assigned major advisor with questions related to their degree program, to change majors, or to add a minor.  The Hicks Honors College does not have advisors that can assist with questions related to a student's degree program of study.  

Honors College Advising

The Honors College does not have formal advisors. Dr. Monti is available to meet during Walk-In Hours to discuss the Honors College upper-level requirements or capstone.  Walk-In hours are scheduled every month and are posted on this website and in Hicks Happenings.   

Lower-level Curriculum
Students are encouraged to review the information posted on the Graduation Requirements website to learn more about the lower-level curriculum. Students should enroll in Honors-level General Education courses to fulfill their Honors-level credit requirement.  Please see the Honors Progression map on the Graduation Requirements website to determine how many Honors credit hours you must complete to graduate from the Honors College.  
Upper-level Curriculum
Pre-capstone Symposium is a required class for all Hicks Honors College students. Students will receive eight weeks of specialized Honors College advising in Pre-Capstone Symposium (IDH3924). Students should enroll in Pre-capstone Symposium when they have completed between 45 and 75 credit hours (typically sophomore year or first-semester junior year). Students should not wait until their senior year to enroll in Pre-capstone Symposium.  
Pre-capstone Symposium is not a traditional course with lectures, readings, and exams.  Rather, the Pre-capstone Symposium course is an opportunity to re-connect with your Honors College peers, engage with Honors faculty and staff, and receive Honors-specific guidance to ensure you are prepared to successfully graduate from the Honors College.  Pre-capstone symposium meets 1x per week for 1.5 hours.  Pre-capstone Symposium can be taken for 0 or 1 credit hour.  The course is offered in the fall (in-person), spring (in-person), and summer (online).  
All Hicks Honors College students must complete a capstone experience to graduate from the Honors College.  Detailed information about capstone is available on the Hicks Honors College Capstone website.  Students that need assistance developing a capstone project should reach out to Dr. Monti in the Hicks Honors College. 

June Upper-Division Walk-In Hours