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Hicks Honors College

Honors Study Abroad

Hicks Honors College students have two (2) opportunities funded to study abroad thanks to our Foundation Donors. In addition, study abroad programs often count towards an Honors student's upper-level Honors curriculum requirements.

The Honors College can offer up to 75% of the cost of any UNF-sponsored semester abroad or faculty-led study abroad trip for current Hicks Honors College, students. Students should show Honors degree progression, have a current UNF GPA of 3.20 or greater to receive funding, and have taken IDH3924 Pre-Capstone Symposium before they are offered funding for a second tripFunding must fit within your cost of attendance.

To receive funding from the Hicks Honors College's study abroad scholarship, please visit AcademicWorks. Make sure you ccomplete the Data Consent, and the General Application and then search for and apply to: "Hicks Honors College Study Abroad Scholarship".


Faculty-led Programs 

One of the most popular study abroad options at UNF are our faculty-led programs. These programs are ideal for students who do not want to study abroad for a full semester but still want to experience a foreign country and culture. 

In addition, most faculty-lead programs allow students to earn at least 3 UNF credit hours. 

Look for upcoming faculty-led study abroad opportunities with the UNF International Center.

Look for upcoming Coggin faculty-led study abroad opportunities for students through the College of Business.

Akintoye Oyedola standing on a rainbow street making a double peace sign with his fingers.
Darryn Bone wearing a black and pink floral Japanese kimono.

Other Opportunities

There are several other opportunities outside of faculty-led programs for students who want to study abroad at UNF. Some include:

  • UNF semester exchange programs
  • Enrolling as a transient student at another Florida university to make use of a different study abroad program
  • 3rd party programs (not eligible for UNF or Hicks Honors College funding, but you can apply for external funding)
  • International internships, research, or conferences

For more information, please visit the UNF International Center's website.

Study Abroad Resources

Honors Funding


For Hicks Honors students to receive a study abroad scholarship, they must:

  • Have a UNF-calculated GPA of 3.20.
  • Must participate in a UNF study abroad program. (3rd party study abroad programs are not eligible to receive funding from UNF or the Hicks Honors College. But you may consider external funding opportunities)
  • Honors can offer up to 75% of the cost of the UNF study abroad experience. 
  • Please note: scholarship awards cannot exceed your cost of attendance.
Students in rain jackets standing below a waterfall in Iceland

To apply for a Study Abroad Scholarship:

  • Make sure that you have completed the Data Consent form in MyWings and completed the General Application in Academic Works.
  • Visit AcademicWorks and search for "Hicks Honors College Study Abroad."
  • Questions can be emailed to