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Hicks Honors College

Honors Study Abroad


Global Awareness

As one of the five areas of development we find important for Honors students, we hope that each honors student will participate in one abroad experience before they graduate. Honors students gain an awareness of issues in a global context, preparing them for the diverse world in which they will live and work. Not only do we offer our own Hicks Abroad experiences, but we also offer travel grants that can be applied to any study abroad experience, within or outside of the Hicks Honors College.

Honors Study Abroad Scholarships

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Short Term Study Abroad Funding:

  • For programs up to 2 weeks honors students can receive up to $1,000.
  • For programs between 2-4 weeks honors students can receive up to $1,500.
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4+ Weeks Study Abroad Program Funding:

  • Over 4 weeks but less than a semester can receive up to $2,000.
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Semester Exchange Program Funding:

  • One Semester Exchange Programs can receive up to $3,000.
  • Two Semester Exchange Programs can receive up to $5,000.

Study Abroad Scholarship Applications

The Hicks Honors College sponsors a number of competitive grants to award funds to students for a variety of opportunities that will benefit the University by enhancing its reputation as a premier undergraduate institution of higher education. Additionally, there are grants available for faculty for their efforts to improve the quality of intellectual life on campus.

Beginning Fall 2020 the UNF Foundation Scholarships office has implemented a new scholarship management system, Academic Works, that allows students to view their eligible scholarships, apply online and manage the acceptance process.  To be considered for Honors Scholarships and Foundation Scholarships please follow the instructions on the Foundation Scholarships webpage.  

Undergraduate Travel

The Hicks Honors College offers significant scholarships for study abroad experiences.  Honors students are eligible for funding for Honors-sponsored trips or other types of study abroad (though no more than two awards can be granted per person).  Note that funding for domestic travel (to conferences, internships, etc.) is normally done through the Hicks Fellows Scholarship.

Students can apply for the Honors Study Abroad Scholarship by filling out the application in Academic Works.  You must provide answers to the 10 supplemental questions on the application and have a UNF 3.2 GPA currently.  For more information regarding the application process, please call the Honors front desk at 904-620-2649 or email

Supplemental Questions:

  1. Have you been accepted to a study abroad program? If you have been accepted, please upload the program acceptance letter or email. If you have not, we recommend applying when you have been accepted.
  2. Upload a projected budget for your trip that best details how you will use this funding, if awarded.
  3. Upload a detailed travel cart for your airfare IF it is not included in the cost of the trip. Create the airfare for the specific dates of your trip, but DO NOT purchase it yet.
  4. If this is a faculty led trip, what is the name of the faculty/staff leader? Please enter their full name.
  5. What department or program is this trip associated? Please Enter Full Department Name.
  6. What study abroad trip are you participating in? Please enter Name of Trip: ex: Coggin in Spain.
  7. What is the length of your study abroad trip? Please include the number of days or semesters you will be traveling.
  8. What is your study abroad destination? Enter country or countries.
  9. Are you going to study abroad on your own for a semester?
  10. Are you going to study abroad on your own for more than one semester? If yes, how many semesters?

Study Abroad Resources