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Hicks Honors College

Honors Scholarships

Every fall, Hicks Honors College students should complete the data consent form in Academic Works and update their general application to be matched to university-wide scholarship opportunities.


After completing the data consent form and general application in AcademicWorks, Hicks Honors College students can complete an application for each scholarship they wish to apply to.


The scholarships available exclusively for Hicks Honors College students are:

Hicks Honors College Fellows Awards Program

Hicks Honors College Fellow Awards are scholarships awarded to Hicks Honors students to help them complete unique educational experiences such as, but not limited to, conducting research, travel to domestic and international conferences to present research, participation in career-focused internships, attending a conference to explore future career options, Honors in the Major requirements, etc. Although award amounts may vary, Hicks Honors College Fellows generally receive as much as $1000 of funding per year ($500 per semester) for up to four years.

To apply for funding from the Hicks Honors College's Fellow Award Scholarship, please visit AcademicWorks. Make sure you complete the Data Consent, and the General Application and then search for and apply to: "Hicks Honors College Fellow Award Scholarship”

(Hicks Fellows Awards are not to be confused with External Fellowships.)

For questions, please email

Group photo of Dr. Chamberlain and students at FCHC conference.

Hicks Honors College Study Abroad Scholarship

Students in rain ponchos pose on a green hill

The Hicks Honors College offers generous scholarships for study abroad experiences. Honors students are eligible for funding to participate in UNF study abroad trips or UNF university exchange trips (you can receive funding for two separate opportunities). Honors students should show Honors degree progression, have a current UNF GPA of 3.20 or greater to receive funding, and have taken IDH3924 Pre-Capstone Symposium before they are offered funding for a second tripFunding must fit within your cost of attendance.

To receive funding from the Hicks Honors College's study abroad scholarship, please visit AcademicWorks.

 Complete the Data Consent, and the General Application, and then search for and apply to: "Hicks Honors College Study Abroad Scholarship".

Note that funding for domestic travel (to conferences, internships, etc.) is normally done through the Hicks Fellows Awards Scholarship.  

Vulcan Materials Company Foundation Endowed Scholarship 

Vulcan Materials Co. is the nation's largest producer of construction aggregates. Both incoming and current students who declare an interest or major in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Transportation and Logistics, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computing and Information Sciences, and Building Construction are eligible to apply to this need-based scholarship. Students are required to have submitted a FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), and then sign into Academic Works (, complete the Data Consent, and the General Application. Qualified students will see the Vulcan Materials Scholarship and can complete its application.

For questions, please email

All applications for UNF funded scholarships are completed and submitted in Academic Works. Fellowships are handled by the UNF Director of Fellowships and require an appointment. For questions regarding the application process, please call the Honors front desk at (904)-620-2649 or email 

 Additional Funding Resources

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