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Hicks Honors College

Our Students

So, what do Hicks Honors students do?

Engagement is one of the Hicks Honors College's five areas of student development. We encourage students to take learning outside the classroom, and love seeing the different opportunities our students find along the way! Here are a few ways our students have gotten involved both in and outside the UNF community:

Exemplary Honors: Iyanu Saka

If you looked up the textbook definition of a Hicks Honors College student, Iyanu Saka’s name would be first on the examples list. While at UNF, Iyanu has been a Colloquium Facilitator, Orientation Mentor, Volunteer Coordinator, Researcher, Resident Assistant (RA), Blogger, and Personal Finance enthusiast. Iyanu is also one of the first people many first-year Hicks Honors College students have interacted with in her roles as a Facilitator and Orientation Mentor. These roles, as well as her time as a Volunteer Coordinator and RA, have taught her leadership and the importance of personally connecting with each person you lead because, “you (literally) can’t do it without them!”

Iyanu is a Nutrition major, so it may surprise you to know that, as a freshman, she did her SYKALA on Personal Finance! Who would have thought that, two years later, Iyanu’s burning passion for Personal Finance would lead her Honors Capstone away from Nutrition and back to her very first university homework assignment?

Iyanu’s Capstone required three semesters of research with Dr. Timmerman studying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Data Analysis, which she used to create GenZ’s Money, a personal finance blog aimed at helping young people improve their financial literacy, something not often taught in schools (but VERY important). Iyanu’s Capstone helped her realize that she wants to become a Certified Financial Planner, and she plans to begin her education this year before she graduates.

Iyanu may be a bit busy this semester doing fiscally responsible stuff, but if you see her around, make sure you give her a wave!