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Hicks Honors College

National Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships

What are Fellowships?

Fellowships, not to be confused with the Honors Fellows Program, provide funding for students to pursue extraordinary opportunities to add depth and breadth to their undergraduate and graduate experience. These nationally competitive and prestigious awards provide funding from a 3rd party outside UNF to recipients and act in the same way a scholarship or grant would. 

Who can apply? 

  • All current UNF students (provided they meet their chosen Fellowship's requirements)
  • UNF alumni

How are they used?

  • Advanced academic research
  • Post-undergraduate degree based study
  • Short-term employment 
  • International study


  • Fulbright (under and post-grad)
  • Gilman (Pell Grant Recipients)
  • Critical Language Scholarship
  • Rhodes Scholarship

Explore the Extraordinary with Dr. Kershner!

Still not convinced? 

Darryn Bone wearing a gold embroidered Korean Hanbok.

How about an example then: 

One UNF student, Darryn Bone, worked with the Office of Fellowships to help fund her study abroad dreams. Darryn received a Gilman scholarship for her hard work, which allowed her to spend a year abroad, one semester in Seoul, South Korea, and the following semester in Tokyo, Japan.



 Darryn Bone wearing a black and pink floral Japanese kimono.

About the Fellowships Advisor

The Fellowships Advisor serves UNF students by: 

  • Sharing information on award opportunities and application procedures

  • Reviewing and critiquing application essays

  • Providing institutional endorsement for each applicant who receives a campus nomination (for the awards that require a nomination/endorsement)

  • Submitting application materials on behalf of nominated/endorsed applicants

  • Staging mock interviews for applicants selected for semi-final and final interviews

Head shot of Dr. Kershner the Fellowships advisor

Dr. Tiffany Kershner

*While most Fellowships require recipients to be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, there are some opportunities available for those that are non-U.S. citizens.