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Institute of Environmental Research and Education

Affiliated Student Organizations

The Institute of Environmental Research and Education (IERE) is home to many student program opportunities and is overjoyed to support our affiliated Registered Student Organizations (RSO) that we support through mentorship, advisors serving on the IERE Faculty Board, or partner organizations with our UNF Environmental Honor Society Kappa Alpha Omicron (KAO)

Partnership Events (IERE and RSO)

Interested in partnering with IERE for an event in connection to the environment or sustainability? Check out some of our past partnership events below, and reach out to IERE's Coordinator Ruby Cox for more information. 

Two individuals in a preserve kneeling down next to a pond. The organization name, Wetlands Club, is written at the top of the photo.

Wetlands Club

A passionate and environmentally conscious student organization dedicated to the preservation, conservation, and appreciation of wetland ecosystems. Our goal is to be stewards of these unique ecosystems through education and activities.

Social Media: Instagram @unfwetlandsclub
Perch Portal: Wetlands Club
Contact information: 

Group of students standing in a forest preserve with a banner featuring the wetlands club.

Logo of student organization, environmental advocacy reach, featuring an outline of an osprey holding a leaf hovering over a hand.

Environmental Advocacy Reach (EAR)

What is EAR? Students bringing awareness to sustainable practices on campus and in the real world. We aim to learn and practice ways to implement sustainable designs into households, communities, and businesses throughout their futures, to ensure a healthier future.

Social Media: Instagram @ear.unf  
Perch Portal: Environmental Advocacy Reach
Contact information:  

Logo featuring a green circle outline with an outline of a hand inside that is open for an osprey to land on.

Four students sitting on two separate benches in the preserve with a bridge behind them.  The event name, Eco Poetry Night, is written on the bottom left of the photo.

Eco Poetry Night

In this student lead event, students were invited to celebrate the creative connections of poetry to the environment in our Sawmill Slough Preserve. Participants visited stations to learn about different themes of poetry and how they connect to the earth. They were also encouraged to write their own poetry and were given the opportunity to share their work with their peers in the closing remarks. Overall, this event was a great success connecting interdisciplinary students to the environmental arts! 

Partnerships for the Eco Poetry Night event included UNF Institute of Environmental Research and Education (sponsor), Hicks Honors College, UNF English Department, Eco Adventure, UNF Environmental Honor Society KAO, UNF's Counseling Center, UNF Wetlands Club and Environmental Advocacy Reach (EAR). 

Stay tuned for this year's Eco Poetry Night event happening in Fall 2024. 

Group of students at picnic tables located in forest preserve.