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Institute of Environmental Research and Education

Environmental Art & Humanities Grants

In an effort to expand IERE’s interdisciplinary support of environmental works and projects among UNF faculty, the Institute of Environmental Research and Education (IERE) is offering Environmental Art and Humanities Grants. The quality and number of proposals will determine the availability of funding as proposals are considered until funding is exhausted.

Funding Requests

An open call to faculty will be released in the fall 2024 semester and grant applications will be accepted until funding is exhausted. Grant proposals will be reviewed during the monthly IERE Faculty Executive Board meetings to ensure they meet the criteria for funding. Proposals should be sent to Grant proposals should be up to one-page single spaced and include the following: list of faculty applicants, title, 2-3 sentence summary on the overview of project (that will be shared on social media if awarded), timeline, outcomes, budget, and a plan for sharing the project's impact with UNF and the Jacksonville community (that cites/tags IERE's support).

Funding Amount

$2,500 total available for the year. (All funding for 2023-2024 has been awarded.)

Application Timeframe

Rolling deadline. Proposals submitted in fall 2024 will be reviewed at the next monthly Executive Faculty Board meeting. 


All expenses must be processed by June 1 Also, an impact summary must be shared by June 1.  The impact summary must include both a) one deliverable that includes a tag/cite of IERE's support and b) a 2-3 sentence summary of the project's impact and at least one high resolution photo (if applicable).  The deliverable could be a presentation, publication, promotion material, and/or social media posts.

Funding Criteria

  • Focused on environmental science and or studies, including but not limited to sustainability, nature, climate, resilience, disaster relief, etc. 
  • Provides a unique transformational learning opportunity.
  • Results in an original creative product (e.g., a play, art exhibit, film, video, etc.), publication, and or presentation which contributes to the body of work in a given field.
  • Involves UNF students.
  • Positively impact the communities of Northeast Florida.
  • Involve collaboration between or among departments and/or colleges and/or community organizations.
  • Proposal includes required components, and budgeted expenses are allowable.
  • Includes a plan for sharing the impact of the project with UNF and the larger community (which tags/cites IERE's support).
  • 2024

    Water Stories: A River Harvest

    Tru Leverette Hall, Ph.D., Department of English

    Maureen McCluskey, Ed.D., Department of English

    Water Stories: A River Harvest uses storytelling and theater to gather communities, translate environmental land memory, frame conversations on environmental justice, and foster communal healing and positive connections to nature through shared embodied experience. Oral histories on Ribault River corridor residents’ experiences with the natural world, particularly the river, will be developed into theatrical monologues to be performed for the larger Jacksonville community in the Fall 2024 production Water Stories: A River Harvest. Like the griot (storyteller) figure of the African diasporic tradition, Water Stories: A River Harvest will 1) demonstrate that the stories we tell (and who has a platform to tell them) shape our environmental justice work (and vice versa) and 2) give voice to underheard stories.