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College of Education and Human Services
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Florida Teacher Certification Requirements

STEP 1: Eligibility for Certification

  • Hold a bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college.
  • Meet subject content specialization by having:
    • Undergraduate degree major in subject area or
    • Specified number of college credit hours in subject area or
    • A passing score on the Florida teacher certification subject area exam

*Note that some school districts require a Statement of Eligibility from the state Department of Education that reflects completion of subject specialization requirements before obtaining employment in a Florida school system.

STEP 2: Requirements for a Three Year Nonrenewable Temporary Certificate

  • Obtain employment in a Florida public, state-supported, or nonpublic school that has an approved Professional Education Competency Program.
  • Complete a fingerprinting report for employer to submit to the State Department.

STEP 3: Requirements for a Five Year Professional Certificate

  • Satisfy requirements of Steps 1 and 2
  • Satisfy the educational training requirements of Professional Preparation through a Florida school district Alternative Certification Program (ACP) or completion of fifteen (15) hours in education courses.
  • Satisfy Florida's testing requirements by presenting a passing score on each of the following tests:
    1. General Knowledge Test (Note: Pass by the end of the first year)
    2. Subject Area Exam (SAE) (Note: Can be completed in Step 1)
    3. Professional Education Test (Ped)
  • Successfully complete an approved Florida Professional Education Competency (PEC) Program by the end of the first year. This is satisfied through the School Board upon being hired.
  • Satisfy Practical Experience in Teaching - one year of full-time teaching experience in an elementary or secondary school.

**Note: Be sure to submit your application, $75.00 application fee and transcripts to the DOE.

Bureau of Educator Certification Website 

For additional information contact: University of North Florida / Office of Academic Advising: (904) 620-3934.

Professional Preparation

Fifteen (15) semester hours with credit in the following professional education areas (Note: 15 hours total applies to all subjects; however, more than 15 hours may be needed to complete all of the specific course requirements):

  • Classroom management including safe learning environments.
    • UNF recommends one of the following:
      • EDG 6407 Managing Effective Learning Environments
      • EDG 4410 Classroom Management
  • Human development and learning
    • UNF recommends one of the following:
      • EDF 3151 Educational Psychology
      • EDF 6211 Advanced Educational Psychology
  • Educational assessment to include the content measured by state achievement tests and the interpretation and utilization of data to improve student achievement.
    • UNF recommends one of the following:
      • EDF 4444 Assessment of Learning and Behavior
      • EDF 6442 Assessment in the Curriculum
  • Effective instructional strategies including the needs of diverse learners.
    • UNF recommends one of the following:
      • EDG 3323 The Learning Process
      • EDG 6250 Instructional Strategies
  • Curriculum and special methods of teaching the subject.
    • UNF recommends one of the following based on area of study:
      • English LAE 6339 Secondary or LAE 4335 (will satisfy middle grades)
      • Social Science SSE 6385 Secondary or SSE 4383 (will satisfy middle grades)
      • Math MAE 6336 Secondary or MAE 4330 (will satisfy middle grades)
      • Science SCE 6337 Secondary or SCE 4330 (will satisfy middle grades)
      • Foreign Language FLE 6665 Foreign Language K-12 or FLE 4333
      • Note: You are not required to take a Special Methods course if looking to be certified in ESE or Elementary Education K-6. There are multiple special methods courses required in the degree programs.
  • Foundations of research-based practices in teaching reading. (NOTE: Requirement applies to middle grades 5-9 and secondary 6-12 subjects ONLY. This requirement can only be waived if one of teaching reading or elementary)
    • UNF recommends one of the following:
      • RED 6000 Language & Cognitive Foundations for Reading
      • RED 6656 Advanced Foundations of Reading
  • Elective credit. Elementary Education and ESE teachers need to take an elective course to meet state requirements
    • UNF Recommends:
      • EDF 6480 Foundations of Educational Research
      • EDF 6607 Education in America
      • EDE 6225 Elementary School Curriculum
      • EEX 6025 Issues & Trends for Special Education
      • (**Or choose any course with an Education prefix**)

Note: One year of teaching experience may be applied in lieu of three (3) semester hours of college credit toward missing requirements in a Professional Preparation category.