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College of Education and Human Services
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Our Team

Our team in the Office of Academic Support and Information Services is here to serve your needs and support you as a student from the beginning of your time in the College of Education and Human Services through your graduation.


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Academic Advising 

Academic Advising provides individualized academic advisement to all students in the college. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor on a regular basis. Frequent advising will provide students with a well-defined set of admission and program requirements and enable progression in an efficient manner toward the completion of a student's degree.

We strive to guide you towards your academic goals by providing information, references, and advice. Advising is an engaging process between the advisor and the advisee where ultimately you are in full control of your educational experience. We are a resource to help you succeed.


General questions can be directed to each student's assigned advisor via email or phone.

(904) 620-3934
Petway Hall, Bldg. 57, Suite 1300 1 UNF Drive Jacksonville, Florida 32224

For questions, concerns, and feedback about OASIS, please contact Dr.Cathy O'Farrell directly at

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Office Manager

Jean Leone

Headshot of Emily Crossett

Academic Advisor

Emily Crossett

Early Childhood Development, Pre-K Primary, Elementary Education

Marilyn Heth Headshot

Academic Advisor

Marilyn Heth

Secondary Education (English, Math, Social Studies, and Science: biology, chemistry, and physics), Sport Management, Learning Design and Technology

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Academic Advisor

Erica Hughes

Exceptional Student Education, Deaf Education, Disability Services, ASL/English Interpreting 

Jade Yuen Headshot

Manager of Outreach, Recruitment and Retention

Jade Yuen, M.Ed.

Headshot of Patricia Palmer

Coordinator of Career and Employer Services

Patricia Palmer

Headshot of Catherine Weiser

Career Coach Coordinator

Catherine Weiser

Graduate Advising

Graduate students are expected to meet as soon as possible with their assigned faculty advisor to determine appropriate course work for their desired major. During the initial advising conference, the faculty advisor will help the student (1) select the major which will lead the student to achieving career goals, (2) evaluate the student’s baccalaureate level course work to determine whether prerequisites for the major have been met, (3) plan a tentative program of study for the student to follow which will lead to graduation in the desired major, and (4) provide the student with a copy of this tentative program. The tentative program will be finalized when the student is fully admitted to the college.

Students are provided with the names, telephone numbers and office location of their faculty advisor in their acceptance letter. Students with specific questions or concerns about university policies or regulations may visit the OASIS for more information.