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Scholarships & Fellowships

The College of Education and Human Services offers an increasing number of scholarships (undergraduate) and fellowships (graduate) funded by generous gifts from alumni, friends of the College, faculty and staff.


The information and documents below will help guide students through the scholarship/fellowship application and award processes. Please e-mail with any questions.


The Undergraduate Scholarship Application period opens on January 7 and closes on February 14 at 5:00 p.m.


The Graduate Fellowship Application period opens on March 1 and closes on April 15 at 5:00 p.m.


Each scholarship/fellowship requires students to meet specific criteria and to be enrolled in a minimum number of credit hours each semester. For more information, please review the scholarship/fellowship list provided below in Step 1.


An important note about Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP): Students are reviewed for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at the end of each term. Students who fall into SAP warning or suspension receive an email informing them of their SAP status. Students in SAP suspension may submit a SAP appeal to the University. Unless the appeal is submitted and approved, the student will not be eligible to receive a COEHS scholarship/fellowship; the appeal process should take place prior to applying for any scholarship awards. The SAP Appeal Forms and Instructions can be found on the link provided below. (PDF)

  • Step 1: Review available scholarships/fellowships  
  • Step 2: How to apply  
  • Step 3: Apply
    • Using the myWings student tab, apply for your scholarship/fellowship. Once you have completed and submitted your scholarship/fellowship application, you will receive a confirmation message at the top of the application page. Decision notifications will be sent via e-mail to each applicant.
  • Step 4: Recipient Responsibilities
    • Students who are awarded a scholarship/fellowship will be required to complete the steps listed below. It is very important that award recipients acknowledge acceptance of award offered, meet the donor(s) and express their gratitude in the form of a thank you letter, as well as attend a scholarship reception.
      • Sign and return offer letter: Student award recipients will receive a scholarship/fellowship acceptance letter via e-mail. This letter must be signed and hand delivered, along with your donor thank you letter, to the COEHS Office of Academic Support and Information Services (Bldg. 57, Room 1300), by the specified deadline in your offer letter.
      • Write and submit a donor thank you letter: Please review the donor thank you letter guidelines and sample thank you letter templates prior to writing your letter. Letters should be completed and submitted for review electronically (Word format only), by e-mailing them to Amanda Laukitis, no later than ONE week prior to the specified deadline in your offer letter. Revisions must be completed and your letter signed, and hand delivered with your signed offer letter, to the COEHS Office of Academic Support and Information Services (Bldg. 57, Room 1300), by the specified deadline in your offer letter. The COEHS Dean's Office will mail all thank you letters to the donors. Please see the helpful tips below for more information.
    • Attend a scholarship reception event: Students should plan to attend a scholarship reception event. The COEHS Dean's Office will share these dates and times with the students. This event will provide the students an opportunity to meet with the donor(s) and express their gratitude in person. Please be sure to check your e-mail regularly for updates.

Additional Scholarship/Fellowship Thank You Letter Tips:

  • Make an impact: Your thank you letter is very important to the donor! It provides you with an opportunity to share your own personal story as well as a way to express your gratitude for the award.
  • Make it your own: Use the sample thank you letter template as a guide, but please share your own story and do not copy the wording in the example. The letter does not have to be long, but it should be heartfelt.
  • Write professionally: You want to make a good impression! Have a friend or family member read your letter and provide you revisions and feedback before submitting your letter to the Dean's Office. Letters that contain many writing and grammatical errors will be returned to the student for correction. This could delay getting your letter to the donor.


For further information, contact Dr. Anne Swanson at (904) 620-2990

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