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College of Education and Human Services

Dean's Advisory Council

Dean’s Education Advisory Council Program Excellence Award

This award was established to recognize and award funding to a COEHS program team that has created a collaborative environment that resulted in a high level of innovation, enhanced our College’s core mission, vision, and values, strengthened our contribution to the SUS metrics, and/or made significant contributions to the UNF/COEHS Strategic Plan. Specific examples of innovation might include, but are not limited, to integration of one or more of the following into a program:

  1. Diversity & inclusion across programs
  2. Quality online instruction
  3. Undergraduate research
  4. Honors in major
  5. STEM/computational thinking/data analytics
  6. Strengthen programs of strategic emphasis
  7. UNF+ Pathways development
  8. Collaboration with professionals in schools, community organizations and corporate partners
  9. Quality of Instruction and increased student success
  10. Enhanced experiential learning & internships
  11. Achievement of National awards or National rankings

Each year, the Scholarship and Faculty Initiatives Committee, comprised of Council members, review and select the winners based on the established criteria.


Cyndi Adams head shot Cyndi Adams
Director of Human Resources - SportsMEDIA Technology
Joe Carnley head shot Joe Carnley
Senior Managing Director, Financial Advisor - Truist Investment Services, Inc. 
Brian Carroll head shot Brian Carroll, Co-Chair
Senior Vice President - Global Media Distribution, LPGA
Lauren Gibbs head shot Lauren Gibbs, Ed.D
Executive Director - YMCA Tiger Academy
De Armas Graham head shot DeArmus Graham 
Principal - St. John's County; Adjunct Professor - UNF and NSU Florida
Headshot of Kelley Matthews Kelley Matthews
Senior Vice President - North Florida Region Market Leader, PNC 
Erika Kegler head shot Erika Kegler
Director - Player Development, ATP Tour
Mai Keisling head shot Mai Keisling
Teacher - Paxon School for Advanced Studies



Kimberly Miller head shot Kimberly Miller, Chair
Director of Governmental Relations - Duval County Public Schools
Ericia Moore Headshot Ericia Moore
Vice President of Social Responsibility and Operations - First Coast YMCA
Ed Pratt Dannals head shot Ed Pratt-Dannals
Senior Adviser - District Management Group
Paula Renfro head shot Paula Renfro
Chief Academic Officer - Duval County Public Schools
Kathleen Schofield head shot Kathleen Schofield, Past-Chair
Executive Director - Northeast Florida Regional STEM2 Hub
Pamela Ginn Headshot Pamela Ginn
Professor Emeritus College of Veterinary Medicine - UF


Ex-Officio Members

Jennifer Kane Headshot Jennifer Kane
Interim Dean - COEHS, University of North Florida
Dan Dinsmore Headshot Daniel Dinsmore
Interim Dean - COEHS, University of North Florida
Headshot of Kristi Sweeney
Kristi Sweeney
Chair - COEHS, University of North Florida
Christian Winterbottom Headshot Christian Winterbottom
Chair - COEHS, University of North Florida

Dean's Education Advisory Council Calendar of Events

DEAC 2022 Meetings
Meeting Type Date Time Location
Council Meeting March 29, 2022 4:30 p.m.  TBD
Council Meeting June 23, 2022 4:30 p.m. TBD
Council Meeting TBD 4:30 p.m.  TBD
Council Meeting TBD 4:30 p.m. TBD