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College of Education and Human Services

Department of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum

The Department of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum believe that teachers must value and be committed to educating and working with all children, regardless of background or ethnicity - a challenging task, especially as the American culture becomes increasingly diverse. Teaching is a complex act.

Teachers must be highly skilled in working with students with diverse individual needs and abilities; they must be skilled in collaborating and working with others in the educational community; they must know their respective disciplines and content areas well (to teach something well, teachers must understand it well); they must be able to analyze and reflect on nearly every action taken in a classroom; they need to be grounded in evidence of student learning; and they must work toward continual improvement and learning. Teachers must also be resilient; the work of teaching can be challenging and difficult, so being flexible and knowledgeable is important.

Preparing our students for professional teaching careers means remaining involved in schooling and immersing our students in the educational context throughout their time at the University of North Florida.


The Department of Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum, through teaching, research, and public service, and its commitment to leadership and excellence, strives to enhance the quality of education in its varied forms and settings in Florida, the nation, and the world.

Graduate Programs

PLEASE NOTE: The Graduate Certificate in TESOL and the Masters in Elementary Education with a Concentration in TESOL have both temporarily suspended enrollment and are not enrolling students at this time.

Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

The aim of the Doctor of Education (EdD) degree in Curriculum and Instruction is to prepare scholarly practitioners to be innovative leaders who can transform teaching and learning in their schools, districts and other educational institutions.

Curriculum and Instruction, Doctoral

Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

  • Concentration in Early Childhood Educational Leadership
  • Concentration in Early Childhood
  • Concentration in Advanced Secondary Instruction 

Curriculum and Instruction

Master of Education in Elementary Education

  • Concentration in Elementary STEM
  • Concentration in Reading and Advanced Literacy

Elementary Education, M.Ed. 

Master of Arts in Teaching Elementary Education

Elementary Education, Master of Arts

Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Education

  • Concentration in Biology Education
  • Concentration in Chemistry Education
  • Concentration in English/Language Arts Education
  • Concentration in Mathematics Education
  • Concentration in Middle School Mathematics and Science Education
  • Concentration in Physics Education
  • Concentration in Social Studies Education 

Teaching Secondary Education, Master of Arts 

Master of Arts in Teaching Exceptional Student Education

Teaching Exceptional Student Education, Master of Arts