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College of Education and Human Services
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Certificates of Participation

Persons (non-UNF employees*) who supervise UNF interns for a minimum of 300 hours may be eligible to receive one non-transferable certificate (tuition fee waiver) for each full academic term during which the person serves as an intern supervisor. Certificate holders are entitled to a waiver of tuition for a maximum of six (6) credit hours (including credit through continuing education) during a single term at any state university. Hours may be accumulated over multiple semesters provided at least 100 contact hours of direct supervision is provided per semester.

*UNF Employees that supervise interns may be eligible for a certificate provided that supervising intern students is not a part of their job responsibilities and the supervision does not occur during the employee’s UNF working hours. Supporting documentation will be needed from the employee’s supervisor.

COP Eligibility

To be eligible, the internship program must be an essential part of the course of instruction and must be required as part of the degree. Eligible recipients of a certificate are identified as a person who engages in direct supervision of a UNF Intern for a minimum of 300 contact hours. Hours may be accumulated (banked) over multiple semesters provided there is a minimum of 100 contact hours of direct supervision per semester.

Requesting a Certificate (COP)

To request a certificate, intern supervisors must contact the internship director of the program to request a certificate application. Upon verification of hours and applicable program documentation, certificate applications will be submitted to the OASIS. Certificates will be electronically issued and routed for signature. All certificate recipients will receive their certificate via the email on their certificate application along with instructions for redeeming their certificate. Persons wishing to use their certificate at UNF must send a formal email and a signed certificate to The OASIS will submit all certificates to Student Financial Services to be applied to a student’s UNF bill.

It is the responsibility of the recipient to check with the Cashier’s Office of the university in which they are surrendering their certificate for payment deadlines and notify the Office of Academic Support and Information Services (OASIS) at when they are ready to redeem.


For questions about obtaining a COP application, contact the director of your internship program

For questions about the status of your COP, contact the OASIS at

For questions about your payment status, contact Student Financial Services at

Program Contact Information

Internship Program      Director      Email Address
Athletic Training  Bernadette Buckley
Education Dr. Cathy O'Farrell 
Excercise Science Dr. M. Ryan Richardson
Jacksonville Teacher Residency (JT)  Dr. Wanda Lastrapes 
Public Health Julie Marten
School Counseling Dr. Sophie Filibert
Sport Management Dr. Kristi Sweeney