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Sport Management Internship & Practicum Opportunities

We provide exciting Sport Management Program Practicum and Intern sites in sports-rich Jacksonville and beyond. This experiential learning provides students hands-on experience under the supervision of a professional in the industry, allowing development in the field and career growth opportunities. 

  • Approval of the Practicum or Internship site is only required if the site is not currently listed as an approved site. 
  • If your selected site is not on the approved site list, please reach out to your Academic Advisor, Randall Crawford at He will provide you with an Internship/Practicum Site Information Form to complete and return. 
  • Approval will be required by program faculty member BEFORE you submit your application. In order to do so, you will need to make an appointment with a sport management faculty member.
  • Students can register for Practicum (SPM 3948C) or Internship (SPM 4941) ONLY after they have been academically cleared through their academic advisor.
  • The application deadline for practicum and internships is always: Summer Term - March 31, Fall Term - June 30, Spring Term - October 31.
  • The application and agreement form can be completed using the survey below.

Internship and Practicum Application

Prerequisites that must be met prior to Practicum:

  • ACG 2021 Financial Accounting
  • ECO 2013 Macroeconomics
  • SPM 2000 Intro Sport Management
  • You must have a grade point average of 2.0 or better
  • All incompletes must be removed

Prerequisites that must be met prior to Internship:

  • You must have satisfactorily completed practicum.
  • You must have a grade point average of 2.0 or better.
  • You must have successfully completed all critical tasks.
  • All incompletes must be removed.

Note: You should intern when your personal schedule will allow you to fully commit to the internship.


You must have completed ALL of your program requirements on your program of study. College policy does not permit taking a course with your internship. If you require a special accommodation to take a course during your internship you will be required to meet with your advisor as you will need to complete a petition form.

  • What is the difference between practicum and internship?
    Your practicum is a shorter experience where you are required to complete roughly 75 hours in the field and can be completed during any semester as long as you've met your prerequisites. Typically, students take their practicum the semester before their internship, which is a 400-hour requirement in the Summer semester and 420-hour requirement in the Spring and Fall semesters.
  • Where can I do my practicum and internship?

    Over the years, UNF Sport Management students have completed their field experiences at regional, national and international sites. We highly encourage you to pursue field experiences that open professional doors within the sport industry and while we strongly encourage students to look outside of Jacksonville and the region, we recognize that our location provides us with a rich sport market and lots of amazing opportunities.

    Students have recently completed practicum or internship with the following organizations (please note these are just a few of many examples of organizations): NFL Jacksonville Jaguars, AFL Jacksonville Sharks, MiLB Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, and ECHL Jacksonville Icemen, UNF Athletics, Sports Media Technology, Fanatics, First Tee of NE Florida, PGA TOUR, LPGA, Philadelphia Eagles, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Police Athletic League of Jacksonville, Airstream Ventures, Hurricane Junior Golf Tour, 1010XL-WJXLFM, Orlando City Soccer Club, The Amway Center, Top Golf International and Oceanway FC.

  • How do I choose a practicum or internship site?

    It is your responsibility to follow the steps outlined below.

    1. Meet with your academic advisor to determine eligibility for the field experience.
    2. Begin looking for a sport industry practicum/internship experience by:
      • Networking;
      • Attending career fairs;
      • Identifying a list of your broad career goals;
      • Identifying a list of potential sport industry organizations, you would like to work for, and
      • Researching internship listings online,
      • Applying for posted positions and/or inquiring with sport industry organizations about potential practicum and internship opportunities, OR
      • Reach out to a site that reflects your career goals. Investigate the possibility of conducting the practicum/internship at that site. Determine what the responsibilities and duties would be of the practicum/internship at that site and if they would be willing to host you.
    3. If you need assistance with identifying and/or matching your site with your career goals, contact Patti Palmer at to schedule an appointment.

    Note: Faculty will only approve sites that meet program requirements AND are best suited for individuals entering into sport industry careers.

  • What if I miss the deadline to apply for my practicum and internship?
    Failure to complete the application by the DEADLINE will require you to postpone field experience unless previous arrangements have been made with Sport Management faculty members. Exceptions will only be made for students who have had official interviews with a site and are waiting for final notification. To check your eligibility for either practicum or internship, please contact your Academic Advisor Randall Crawford at to schedule an appointment.
  • Who do I contact if I have questions about eligibility for either practicum or internship?
    Contact Academic Advisor Randall Crawford at