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Register a Student Organization 


RSO Registration is open from April 23rd, 2022 to September 2nd, 2022. This is the time for new RSOs to be created as well as RSOs that registered in Fall 2021 and Spring 2022. The Spring 2023 Registration cycle will only be open to new RSOs 

Start or Re-Register a RSO

To be a recognized organization on campus, you must complete the registration process in Perch Portal!

Please make sure that you have completed the following:
-The President and Treasurer have taken the appropriate quizzes and scored at least an 80% or higher.
-Your 2022-2023 Constitution has been uploaded to Perch Portal.
-The President, Treasurer and Advisor have made their position public on Perch Portal.
Once you have verified that all steps have been completed, please send a confirmation email to with the President and Treasurer's name.


Benefits of Registering with Osprey Involvement Center

  • Recognized by OIC as a Registered Student Organization at UNF,
  • Ability to reserve certain University locations for meetings and events at no cost, or at discounted rates,
  • Listing in club directory,
  • Access to Club Commons during Student Government's business hours,
  • Access to materials and road signs,
  • Participation in Homecoming events as a Club,
  • Ability to be included in Student Union Updates,
  • Listings in UNF's Master Calendar,
  • Inclusion in OIC events such as Club Fest,
  • Club pricing for advertisements in the Spinnaker,
  • Eligibility for Student Government funding.


Update RSO Information

Does your RSO have a new president, treasurer or advisor? Update your RSO's information with the following steps:

  • Have the new president and/or advisor read the RSO Handbook,
  • Update your new treasurer's, president's and/or advisor's contact information. You only need to update what has changed. Update Leadership Info Here,
  • New advisor's must complete the CSA Training listed on Canvas. CSA Instructions,
  • Have the new president and/or treasurer complete the optional Funding Quiz on Canvas.


Club Registration forms and Documents

Form/Document Description

Sample Constitution This is a sample constitution that contains all the required information for a club’s constitution. RSO's are welcome to save this document and make it their own.
Liability Waivers Waivers are to be filled out by students involved in Sports/Recreation organizations.



Additional Forms and Documents

 RSO Handbook    Please reach out to OIC Staff for Current Handbook or view the OIC Homepage in Perch Portal 
SG Constitution  This link should guide you to the SG Constitution - a document that explains how Student Government is structured. It includes important information that RSO's need to understand – specifically in Titles VIII and XI.
Suspensions Appeal  Contact Student Government or Osprey Involvement Center for form to appeal a RSO's suspension.