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RSO Standings

We are excited to present Perch Portal powered by Campus Labs Engage as the latest way to find out the status of your favorite RSO!  


The list provided is for RSOs that are currently with an "Active" status. If you do not see your organization on the link provided, please reach out to the Club Alliance staff for an update. 

Make sure your RSO is good to go for 2020-2021!!!

"Active - In Good Standing" allows your club to make reservations.

"Active - Funding Eligible" allows your club to request Grants from the Club Funding Board.

"Frozen - Paperwork/Attendance" means your club needs to attend meetings regularly or submit paperwork get into good standing.

"Locked" means your club has student conduct issues, are suspended or have had no activity for one (1) academic year

"Inactive" means that your club has been expelled from UNF or has had no activity for two (2) academic years


If your club is on Frozen Status due to attendance you must attend two consecutive meetings to get back into good standing.

We are more than willing to accommodate your schedule! Just reach out to us.


If you have a question about your club's standing, please let us know! We're happy to answer any questions, or correct any mistakes!


Funding Eligible RSOs: