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RSO Advertisement

Looking to promote your RSO's events? Use this page to find ways to advertise around campus.


Electronic Advertisement


Facebook Logo

 Osprey Involvement Center Facebook

To advertise on the Osprey Involvement Center Facebook page, send us a message with the link and advertisement for your post.
Instagram Icon
  Osprey Involvement Center Instagram 

To advertise an event, please tag us in your post on your club's Instagram page.

UNF Osprey Logo Osprey Update

UNF Students receive an Osprey Update e-mail each Monday. RSOs can submit event announcements.

Spinnaker Logo Spinnaker

Contact the Spinnaker Office for quotes and pricing on advertising in the Spinnaker.

UNF Logo Event Calendar

Advertise through the UNF Event Calendar.




Custom RSO Materials

Student Government can fund specific club materials such as table cloths , t- shirts, pencils etc. Contact us for more info.

Before using the UNF Osprey logo on printed material, get the design approved by the Student Body Treasurer at




Flyer Distribution

 Campus Board with Flyers            Student Union Bulletin Boards

To hang flyers on the bulletin boards in the Student Union get approval from the Student Union Administration Office (58E/1302)

  • Bring 1 copy of the physical flyer/poster to the Student Union Administration  (Bldg 58 East, Suite 1302) for posting. 
  • Maximum allowable size is 11" by 17".
  • Posting will remain up until the event date passes, but not to exceed 2 weeks. 
  • Postings are put up on Tuesdays and Thursdays by 5 p.m.


Contact 904-620-2525 or email sumarketing@unf.@edu for more information. 

SG Bulletin Board at Alumni Square
On Campus Housing Bulletin Boards 


To distribute flyers to on-campus housing, contact Housing and Residence Life (Building 14b). 

Contact 904-620-4663 or email for more information.


 SG Starbucks Bulletin Board Inside Bulletin Boards


To hang flyers in a campus building, visit the department dean’s office. (Sometimes the department will even distribute the flyers for you!) 

You do not need to ask to hang flyers on:


  • Starbucks Pillars
  • Library bulletin boards


Banners are excellent advertising because they are semi-permanent and low maintenance.


 UNF Dance Marathon Banner
Create a Banner

Want to create your own banner? All you need is an old sheet and some friends! Student Involvement Center can supply:


  • Paint
  • Letter Stencils
  • Paint Brushes
  • Workspace


Purchase a Banner

Want to purchase a banner? Student Government may be able to help fund your purchase! Submit a Grant Request and It takes around 6 weeks for SG to order your banner; contact us for more info.

Hang Your Banner

To hang your banner in the Student Union Plaza, visit the Student Union Administration (58E/1302).


  • Banners are hung up for 2 weeks at a time.
  • After 2 weeks, your banner will be taken down and you will be contacted via phone or email.
  • Your club can immediately put your banner back up for another 2 weeks. 


Contact 904-620-1496 or email for more information.;



Market Days


Aerial Photo of Market Day


Market Day tabling is a great way to recruit new club members and spread the word about your organization!

Market Days happen each Wednesday from 10 am to 2 pm

To sign up, contact

Yard Signs

Yard Signs Across Campus Buying a Yard Sign
Funding Eligible RSOs may request funding from Student Government for yard signs. Keep in mind that because yard signs are a printed material, they must be ordered through Student Government if Student Government funds them. This can take up to 6 weeks.

 Placing Signs 
  • All temporary signs on campus that are put on the ground (e.g., A-frame/sandwich boards, lawn/road signs, etc. must be permitted.
  • Complete the online Temporary Signage Permit Application at least 10 business days prior to intended posting date. 
  • Signs without a valid permit will be removed by Physical Facilities staff without notice and disposed of if not claimed within 2 weeks. 
 To arrange to collect signage that has been removed, call (904)  620-2928.  

 Sidewalk Chalk Message  Borrow Chalk 
RSOs may borrow chalk from OIC please contact

UNF Chalking Policy
Per UNF Policy 5.01000P: Chalking is defined as the use of chalk or similar substances to write or draw on concrete/paved sidewalks. The substance used for chalking must be water-soluble and easily washable by water or rain. Chalking must be done in fully-exposed, non-covered areas that can be directly washed by rain. Chalking is prohibited on any covered walkway, stairs, or steps. Chalking is not permitted on walls, benches, glass, windows, doors, pilings, engraved pavers, seating areas, columns, planters, painted surfaces, trees, traffic signs, light posts, emergency call phones, fixtures, newsstands, ad dispensers, utility boxes, and any other objects."