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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
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Working with UNF Technology

Researchers at the University of North Florida are developing cutting-edge solutions that have the potential to transform industries and lives, and we are always looking to partner with industry to further R&D efforts and commercialize our inventions. If you wish to receive email alerts when new patent-pending or patented technologies become available, please contact You can also view a list of available technologies.

Ensuring that products of the university's R&D efforts can quickly be used to have the most positive impact on the communities we serve is our #1 priority. To achieve this, UNF offers easy licensing options to our partners:

UNF Easy License

  • Low-cost (or free), low-risk opportunity for business partners interested in licensing existing UNF inventions.
  • Similar to an option agreement, offers partner a limited period of time, typically six months, to evaluate the technology.
  • Free exclusive option for partner who currently is supporting or has supported any UNF R&D through $25K+ contract; exclusive option $5K for all others.
  • Conversion to exclusive worldwide license at industry-comparable royalty rate, with first $1M in product revenue royalty-free; royalty buy-out negotiable prior to first product delivery.
  • Expenses for US patent payable only when issues; foreign filings at discretion of licensee.

UNF Spinoff License

  • Designed to support new startups fully or partially owned by UNF entrepreneurs who wish to commercialize UNF technology, including those that they developed as employees or students of the university.
  • The exclusive worldwide license has no up-front costs, and defers any patent costs until one year after the first product delivery, in exchange for a 1% share of any future liquidation event.
  • Features a minimal royalty rate of 1% of net product sales.

Traditional Approach

UNF is happy to negotiate the specific terms of an option or license agreement to meet the needs of our business partners.