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Qualtrics Online Survey Tool

Qualtrics is an online survey software platform that provides faculty and staff the ability to quickly and easily create questionnaires, post surveys, collect responses, analyze results, and distribute findings. The University provides access to its online survey tool for faculty and staff. Students are granted access individually.

  • Custom online surveys
  • Surveys from templates
  • Ability to copy a survey
  • Share survey with other UNF survey users
  • Print surveys
  • Export survey as PDF, PowerPoint or Word file
  • Export data into SPSS, Excel, etc
  • Use conditional branching
  • Can run an email campaign (distribute to email list)
  • Survey design can look a UNF web page
  • Create Polls
  • Quick reporting and custom reporting
  • Training provided each month

Available for

Faculty, staff, and students at the University of North Florida

Customer Responsibility

Users of UNF's online survey tool must obtain the approval of the UNFInstitutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRB) if the results of a survey given to UNF students, faculty, or staff will be published or presented publicly. Also, if a survey affiliated with the University is administered to an outside population, especially to a vulnerable population such as children or offenders, approval from the UNFIRB is required.

Surveys that collect information for internal administrative purposes do not need to be reviewed by the IRB. Examples of these include customer satisfaction surveys, employee climate surveys, and online forms used to collect information that will not be presented publicly.

The IRB at UNF has the fundamental charge of protecting the rights and welfare of human subjects in all studies and research carried out by University faculty, staff or students, conducted under the auspices of UNF. For more information on the required procedures and forms visit Institutional Review Board (IRB)

How to Request Access

Faculty & Staff:

To create an account, UNF faculty and staff will click the "Online Survey Tool - Qualtrics" link in myWings. Faculty and staff can access Qualtrics going forward from this same location in myWings. If myWings is not available, faculty may access Qualtrics directly at Faculty and staff will use their UNF ID and password to login.


Student accounts are created when the following steps have been completed:

  1. Have a faculty or staff sponsor (most likely this will be the instructor of a course requiring the research or the sponsor of an organization).
  2. Gain approval from UNF's Institutional Research Board (IRB). The IRB meets monthly, so students will need to allow ample time for gaining approval. After approval, the IRB will create the Qualtrics account and notified you when your account has been created.
  3. Register for training by calling (904) 620-1707 or e-mailing the Center for Professional Development and Training.
  4. To login to Qualtrics, students will go to and login using their UNF ID and password.

How to Use

Getting Help

FIRST - Use the Online Help or Contact Qualtrics:

When logged into Qualtrics, click on the yellow "Help" button to access HELP
When logged into Qualtrics, click on the "Support and Feedback" button at the top right hand side of the page to submit a HELP request.



Call 800-340-9194 (9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST)

NEXT - If the Online Help or Qualtrics does not answer your question - Contact the ITS Help Desk They will provide basic support and assist with accessing the tool

Phone: 904-620-4357 (HELP)


LAST - If You need advanced assistance or consultation

For Consultation on the use of the tool

Contact the Center for Instruction & Research Technology (CIRT)
Phone: 904-620-3927

For consultation on Institutional Survey Delivery

Contact Institutional Research
Phone 904-620-2015

Online Video Tutorials

Qualtrics is available 24/7 unless the vendor performs software or hardware maintenance or undergoes an emergency service interruption. Qualtrics is not hosted by UNF, so it does not fall under UNF's maintenance window.

Service Login:

How to Get Support:

Help Desk

It is important to your successful use of Qualtrics that you take a training class. UNF offers training classes each semester. To register, log on to myWings and look under Quick Links for the link to "CPDT Class Registration"


Students interested in online surveys training should e-mail for more information.