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FortiClient VPN on Windows

  1. Go to and login to the SSL VPN using your UNF credentials and Duo 2FA.


    UNF VPN Login prompt for username and password


  2. You will receive a notification through Duo 2FA to confirm your identity


    VPN Login indicates Duo is awaiting your response


  3. Download and install the FortiClient.


    (Note: Admin rights are required to install FortiClient on a UNF owned device. Contact the ITS HelpDesk 904-620-4357 for assistance.)


    UNF VPN interface with actions to launch or download FortiClient


  4. Install the FortiClient


    FortiClient Setup Wizard welcome screen


  5. Installing the FortiClient


    Ready to install FortiClient screen. Click Install.


    Status screen for installing FortiClient


    Completed the FortiClient Setup Wizard screen


  6. Once the FortiClient has been installed. Select Launch FortiClient


    Prompt asks to Open FortiClient Security Console


  7. Login to the VPN


    Note: If the connection progress stops at 45% You will need to check your phone for an additional Duo push notification. If you are a Duo Token or Code user, you must enter your password at the VPN login prompt as Password,Code - Example: BigSwoopingOsprey,652452


    FortiClient VPN connecting windows


    FortiClient VPN confirmation windows


    FortiClient VPN connected windows