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FortiClient VPN on Android

The FortiClient VPN is available in the Google Play store. To download please follow these steps:

  1. Search "FortiClient VPN" in the Google Play store and click "Install":


    screenshot of Install forticlient VPN in Google Play store


  2. Next a screen will ask to "Please grant permissions for FortiClient to: 'Access Storage for Importing Configuration files' and 'Use the Camera to Scan QR codes and for User Profile.'" Click "OK":


    screenshot of FortiClient permissions screen


  3. The next screen is a prompt to "Allow FortiClient VPN to access photos, media, and files on your device?" and "Allow FortiClient VPN to take pictures and record video?". These are optional. Select "Deny" or "Allow" to advance:


    screenshot of deny or allow access to media with Forticlient VPN


    screenshot of deny or allow FortiClient to take pics and record video


  4. There is an option to add a photo for the profile. Add a picture or select "Skip": add profile picture page


    screenshot of add profile pic page


  5. At the next screen, enter "unfvpn" in the "VPN name" field, and select "SSL VPN" for the "VPN Type":


    screenshot of Add VPN screen


  6. The next screen will show SSL VPN Settings:


    screenshot of Forticlient SSL VPN settings


  7. Select "Server" and enter "", click OK:


    screenshot of VPN server settings android


  8. From the SSL VPN Settings screen, now select "Username" and enter your UNF ID. Click OK:


    screenshot of VPN username android screen


  9. Click "Connect":


    screenshot of VPN connect android screen


  10. Enter your UNF ID password:


    screenshot of VPN login android screen


  11. Using Duo Security with FortiClient

    When users log into the client with their username and password, they will receive an automatic push or phone callback for their Duo Security account


    animated hand using DUO on an iphone


    screenshot of FortiClient Android VPN Duo request screen


  12. On the Connection Request screen, click OK:


    screenshot of Request for forticlient vpn to monitor network traffic accept if you trust the source


  13. A "Connecting to unfvpn" screen will appear while the connection is made:


    screenshot of connecting to vpn android screen


  14. FortiClient VPN is connected:


    screenshot of FortiClient Android VPN Connected screen