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Information Technology Services

File Storage for Faculty and Staff

Shared storage for saving files is available for UNF faculty and staff. It is the customer's responsibility to manage storage space so that old and duplicate files are purged periodically.


Is it ok to just store my files on my local computer?

A computer's local hard drive is a mechanical device that can fail. Microsoft OneDrive and UNF's network drives have redundancy and are backed-up regularly.


What are UNF's shared storage options?

All Faculty and staff have a Microsoft OneDrive, as well as, an O: Drive, and the N: Drive.

Microsoft OneDrive is used as your Individual drive. Files saved here may only be viewed by you, unless you share them with others. Learn more here.

The O: Drive is your Office drive. Files saved here may be accessed by anyone in your department. Microsoft Teams and the O: drive are good places to save documents for collaborating with others, rather than emailing back and forth.

The N: Drive is the Network-wide drive. Some legacy folders on the N: drive can be viewed by all employees, however, most are limited in some way to defined campus wide groups. Microsoft Teams provides a richer collaborative experience for inter-department groups.


How much data may be stored on OneDrive, O: drive, and N: drives?

Microsoft OneDrive: 5 TB (terabytes)
Department O: drive: 300 GB
Shared N: drives: 5 TB

These storage limits are the "default or initial" storage quotas. This amount can be increased when necessary.