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Information Technology Services

Active Student Email Account

Student email accounts ( are only provided during the period of time students are an active student at UNF. Currently this is set to expire at the beginning of the third consecutive term without enrollment.

Students who are not currently enrolled at UNF:

Your UNF email account will remain active for two consecutive terms of non-enrollment, but will expire at the beginning of the third semester in which you are not enrolled.

UNF Alumni:

Your UNF email account will only remain active for two consecutive terms of non-enrollment. Alumni should update their email address with the UNF Alumni Association by emailing Be sure to include your full name, graduation year, N-number (if you know it), and new email address. If you have questions, please contact

Both students and alumni:

Students and alumni should make copies of any emails in their account or files saved on their OneDrive prior to the expiration of their UNF Email account if they want to keep them. Before expiration of their account, students and alumni should verify that their email is not being used for access to any online accounts or services such as social media, video streaming, etc. The icons below may include locations where your UNF email address has been used as the account ID or password recovery address.

Recent grads who want to keep Office 365 can get Office 365 Personal for a discount on Microsoft's website.


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