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Information Technology Services

Student System Processes

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Academic History

  • Add Civic Literacy Transcript Notation
  • Add General Education Transcript Notations
  • Add Summer Attribute to Non-UNF Courses
  • Grade Changes/Academic Standing
  • Grade Changes for Athletes
  • Remove Suspension Notations
  • Repeat Course Processing


  • Add Honors Prospect Attribute to Applicants
  • E-Mail In-Progress Applications with Holds
  • Maintain County, State, and Nation Information
  • Manage Application Fee Checklist Items
  • Manage Conduct Records for Applications
  • Move Transient Applicant Data
  • Populate Transcript Processing Queue
  • Post Processing for Admission Application
  • Process E-mails for Provisional Admission
  • Process Foreign Language Exceptions for Admits
  • Re-process Admissions Workflow Queues
  • Send Application Submission Confirmations
  • Slate Integration
  • Update Banner High School Information
  • Update High School (HST) Checklist Items
  • Update Post-Secondary Checklist Items
  • Update Prior College (SOAPCOL) from Transfer Course Information (SHATRNS)
  • Update Residency from the Electronic Transcript


  • Osprey Maps
  • Required Courses and Prerequisites
  • Student Adjustment Records
  • Tutoring Sign-in System Maintenance

Catalog and Schedule

  • Add Attributes to Courses
  • Course Credit Hours Exception Report

Course Repeat and Excess Hours

  • Identify Potential Excess Hours Issues
  • Insert Exemptions for Repeat
  • Process Excess Hours Information
  • Rebuild Repeated Courses Table
  • Rebuild UNF Equate Table
  • Send Excess Hours Threshold E-mails

Degree Evaluations

  • Archive Degree Evaluations (After Degrees Post)
  • Automated Batch Compliance
  • Batch Compliance for Final Certifications (After Grades Post)
  • Batch Compliance for Pre-Certifications (After Graduation Application Deadline)
  • Batch Compliance for Active Students
  • Purge Degree Evaluations

General Student

  • Archive Parent Portal Requests
  • Athletic Academic Progress Report
  • Auxiliary Services IDMS Feed
  • Auxiliary Services IDMS Feed for New FTIC
  • Build Curriculum View
  • Build Reporting Table
  • Capture Civic Literacy Indicator from EDI
  • Capture Change of Major
  • Create Suspension Overrides for Re-admits
  • Delete General Student Records
  • Ellucian CRM Recruit Feed
  • Insert Post Baccalaureate Records
  • Maintain Active/Inactive Status
  • Maintain Matriculation Term
  • Maintain Student County Data
  • Manage Residency Tracking Records
  • Manage Term Status
  • Medicat Feed
  • Record Cleanup
  • Reverse Transfer Emails
  • Send Initial Email to Physical Therapy Students
  • Send ISQ E-mails to Students
  • Send Reminder Email to Physical Therapy Students
  • Set Civic Literacy Attribute (Fall 2021 Criteria)
  • Set Civic Literacy Requirement Not Applicable
  • Set Civic Literacy Satisfied
  • Set Expected Graduation Dates
  • Set From Date on Addresses
  • Set General Education Satisfied
  • Set Reverse Transfer Award Decision code
  • Student Attributes
  • Student Directory Information
  • TicketReturn Feed


  • Automated Incomplete Grade Processing
  • E-mails for Grade Change System


  • Graduation Application Error Report

Graduation Certifications

  • Archive Final Certifications (After Degrees Post)
  • Archive Pre-Certifications (Before Grades Post)
  • Purge Certification (pre and final) Records (After Pre-Certification Deadline)


  • Remove Incorrect Address (RA) Hold
  • Remove Major (RM) Hold
  • Set Advising (PR) Hold on New Admits
  • Set Campus Alert (RN) Hold
  • Set Excess Hours Hold (QE) for New Admits
  • Set International Student (IS) Hold
  • Set Information Holds for Withdrawal Period
  • Set Information (QN, QP) Holds for Nursing Admits
  • Set Loan Exit Counseling (RL) Hold
  • Set Need Immunization Hepatitis B/Meningitis (IH) Hold
  • Set Need Immunization (IM) Hold
  • Set New Student (AO) Hold on New FTIC
  • Set Nursing Handbook (RB) Hold on Nursing Students
  • Set Parents' Highest Level Education (RE) Hold
  • Set Physical Location Collection (RZ) Hold
  • Set Provisional Admit Term Limit (AM) Hold
  • Set Regulation and Policy Information (QR) Hold
  • Set Tuition Responsibility Information (QF) Hold
  • Set Tax Form Information (QT) Hold
  • Set Work Hours Collection (RH) Hold


  • Extract StarRez Demographic File
  • Housing Contract Information Load
  • Load StarRez Booking File
  • Load StarRez Contract File
  • Meal Memberships Information Load
  • Maintain FTIC Housing Requirements
  • Process StarRez Data
  • Retrieve StarRez Booking File
  • Retrieve StarRez Contract File
  • Send StarRez Demographic File

Medical and Insurance

  • Add Good Health (G1) and Insurance (I1) on General Medical Information Form
  • Add Need Immunization Hepatitis B/ Meningitis (H1) on General Medical Information Form
  • Add Need Immunization (M1) on General Medical Information Form
  • Electronic Transcript Immunization Maintenance
  • Process International Health Insurance


  • Delete from Orientation System


  • Electronic Prospects Post Match Processing
  • Electronic Prospects Pre Match Processing


  • Assign Fall Time Tickets for Summer Orientation
  • Assign Orientation Time Tickets
  • Assign Time Tickets for Late Admits
  • Daily Registration
  • E-mail for Courses Added or Withdrawn After Deadline
  • E-mail for Courses Dropped After Deadline
  • Maintain AR Indicators
  • Registration Reports Data Extract
  • Registration Time Tickets
  • Set Audit Mode for Senior Citizens
  • Set Status Complete Withdrawal

Test Scores

  • ACT and SAT Test Score Process
  • AP Test Score Process
  • GMAT Test Score Process
  • GRE Test Score Process
  • Set Test Score Purpose Codes

Transfer Articulation

  • Populate Transfer Catalog Articulation Review


  • Auto Waitlist Move
  • Single Course Waitlist Move
  • Move Waitlist to a New Section