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Information Technology Services

Accessing the Parent Portal

UNF students have the option to give their parents access to the following through the Parent Portal:

  • Academic Standing History
  • Account Information
  • Demographic Information
  • Financial Aid
  • Registration Holds and Appointments
  • Student Schedule
  • Student Transcript
  • Term Grades
  • View and Pay Bills

To setup access, students must first grant access through their account. Parents will receive an email invitation to accept and complete setup. Two-factor authentication (using the DUO app) is required to access the account.

Parental access expires on December 31 every year. Students will have to repeat this process each year to restore access.


1: Student Grants Access

How do I get access to my student's information?

Your student will need to provide you access through myWings:

  1. Go to the Banner Student Self-Service tile (in myWings)
  2. On the Student tab, click the “Student Records/Services” link
  3. Select “Parent Access”, then “Add Parent”
  4. Click “Create Account Invitation” Link
  5. Fill out the online form and click “submit”

Your student will receive an email that they will need to forward to you.

Your student starts the process for access

Your student starts the process for access

Your student will select “Finish” and receive an email. 

Parent Account Invitation - Click Finish


Student Receives Email - Forwards to parent - Parent selects the Link to Finalize

IMPORTANT! Your student needs to forward the email to you to complete the process.

Email received by Student

2: Parent Accepts Invitation

Parent Account request page

You will be taken to this screen. Type in your last name, select “Submit” and then complete the info form that appears next.
Parent Account request page

Create your personal password

Parent(s) will receive an email that contains their UNF ID (N-number) and a link to complete the process.
The link takes you to the myUNFID site to complete security settings and create a password. (NOTE: UNF passwords are 15 characters or longer - Pass phrases are recommended)

Email envelop 

3: Parent Logs In (requires DUO)

Two-Factor Authentication is Required to Access UNF Applications

Duo App icon

 Duo process prompts person for password, verification via mobile device, then access is successful.


How do I start using two-factor authentication?

  1. Your UNFID and password combination was created.
  2. Start by downloading the Duo Mobile app from your device’s store and install it.
  3. Go to
  4. You will see a UNF login page. Enter your UNFID and password.
  5. A Duo window will display. Select the green "Start Setup" button to enroll.
  6. You will then be asked what type of device you are adding. Choose the type of device and then click “Continue.”
  7. Follow the instructions on the screen specific to the type of device you are adding.

Learn more and read the frequently asked questions at

Remember me for 30 days

ITS Security recommends using the "Remember me" feature on your most used non-shared devices. Duo will remember that browser and computer for the next 30 days.

UNF Login prompt to choose Authentication Method 

4: Welcome to the Parent Portal

Welcome to the Parent Portal!

Parent Account welcome screen