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Information Technology Services

Classroom Contacts

In Case of an Emergency Call 911

  • NOTE: 911 calls made from a campus phone will go directly to the University Police Department so they can escort first responders to your exact location. If using a cell phone please identify yourself as being on the University of North Florida campus - emergency will contact UPD who will escort them to your exact location.

Technical issues such as with the computer, network connectivity, or audiovisual equipment

  • Time Critical Issue (class is in session or about to start) - Call the ITS Classroom Hotline at (904) 620-2909
  • Not a Time Critical Issue - Contact the ITS Help Desk at (904) 620-4357 (HELP) or or submit an online request at

Room Maintenance such as issues with lighting, whiteboard, chalkboard, furniture, electrical, window blinds, trash, and temperature

Access to a Classroom

Environmental or Safety issues such as chemical spill, biological issue, safety hazard, occupancy limits, wild or nuisance animal, and ergonomic issues

ADA Accommodations

Other Issues not listed above may be submitted to the classroom request form managed by the Director of Academic Technology, Information Technology Services