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Human Resources

Pay and Leave


Each HR Specialist will serve as the primary point of contact for relevant employment functions. For OPS and budgeted new hires contact an Employment Coordinator

Pay and Leave Staff: Areas of Responsibility
Name Title Areas of Responsibility
Megan Porter Assistant Director Pay, Leave, and Records As needed
Cherisse Sumner HR Specialist Returning Student/OPS, Returning Part-Time Faculty (Adjuncts)  
Thuan Phan HR Specialist Budgeted Positions  
Vanitti Gilley HR Specialist Timesheets, Supervisors

Helpful Tips

  • Always submit the termination PAF prior to submitting any changes to the position. Note on the PAF if they are returning to a different position or type of employee
  • Make sure budgeted roles are in place before adding any additional roles. i.e. A&P role must be in place before adding an adjunct position.
  • If the person already has a position and you want to employ them in a second position reach out to HR first to make sure you can do what you are trying to do.
  • Several forms ask for biweekly hours. Keep in mind that 1.0 FTE = 80 hours biweekly.
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