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Human Resources

Applicant Resources

Welcome! We are excited that you are considering employment at the University of North Florida. Below you will find some information about employee benefits, the types of employment opportunities available, and how to make the most of UNF's online job site. 

Jobs at UNF

  • Administrative/Support Staff
    Administrative (A&P) employment includes positions assigned administrative and management responsibilities or professional duties at the department/unit level or above. Support (USPS) employment includes positions assigned paraprofessional, clerical, secretarial, technical, skilled, crafts, service, or maintenance duties.
  • Faculty
    Faculty employment includes positions assigned the principal responsibility of teaching, research, or public service activities or for Administrative responsibility for functions directly related to the academic mission. UNF offers both full-time and part-time faculty appointments.
  • Other Personnel Services (OPS) Employees
    Other Personnel Services (OPS) defines temporary employment with no guarantee of continued employment. OPS employees are not eligible for any form of paid leave (annual, sick, etc.), paid holidays, or state employee benefits (e.g., participation in state group insurance or retirement benefits). However, OPS employees reasonably expected to work at least 30 or more hours per week during may be eligible to participate in the state group insurance program. UNF students are NOT eligible to work OPS positions.
  • Student Employees

    Student Assistants

    Student Assistant is a non-need based employment program governed by standard wage and labor laws. Only current UNF students are eligible to work student assistant positions. Students enrolled at least half-time during a semester are also eligible for certain tax exemptions.

    *International students on F-1 and J-1 visas may work on campus a maximum of 20 hours per week when classes are in session. Working more than 20 hours per week may result in serious consequences for the student, such as termination of student status. For more information about international student employment, please visit the International Center webpage and the International Employees HR webpage.

    Federal Work Student (FWS) Student Assistants

    Federal Work Study is a need-based federal financial aid program. To be eligible, students must apply for financial aid via the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Financial Aid Office is responsible for determining and awarding FWS to eligible students. Students working under FWS positions may work a maximum of 20 hours per week when classes are in session.

    Graduate Assistants

    Graduate Assistantships are awarded by individual departments and are subject to employment guidelines as specified by the hiring department and the Graduate School. Please refer to the Graduate Assistantships webpage for detailed information.

  • Can I Contact the Hiring Department to Check on My Application?
    In the event that the hiring department has a contact name and phone number listed on the job posting, then an applicant may contact the hiring department. If, however, there is no contact information listed on the job posting then the hiring department does not wish to be contacted by applicants during the search process.
  • Can I Make Changes to My Application After I Have Submitted It?
    You are only able to make changes to your contact information on an application after it has been submitted. You are not able to change any other information, such as your education or work history, after you have submitted the application and received your confirmation number. Do not withdraw your application and attempt to apply again, as you are not able to apply for a job again once you withdraw your application. If you need to make changes to a submitted application contact Human Resources at (904) 620-2903 or submit an HR help request
  • Can I Upload a Resume After I Have Submitted My Application?
    You are only able to upload a resume or any other documents to a job opening that specifically requires them. If a job opening did not require documents to be uploaded during the application process, you will not be able to upload any documents after the fact. Sometimes a job opening will require the documents to be mailed to the hiring department instead of uploaded. Always make sure the read the special instructions on the job posting to see if any documents need to be mailed.
  • Can I Submit a Resume to Human Resources, or a Hiring Department, Instead of Applying Online?
    UNF does not accept any unsolicited resumes to be used in consideration for employment. Furthermore, a resume may not be used in place of an application to a specific position posted online in OASys. All job seekers must submit an application for a specific job opening that is currently posted online at the OASys web page.
  • Do I Have to Fill out an Application Each Time I Want to Apply for a Position?
    Yes. However, the OASys web page saves your application information so that you do not have to fill out an entirely new application every time you want to apply for a job. You may have to fill out a new application if you apply for a position that is a different type than your original application. E.G., if you originally submitted an application for a support staff position, you will have to submit a different application for a faculty position. Even if you are applying to the same types of positions, you should always check that the information on your application is current before submitting it.
  • How Can I Check the Status of My Application?
    Applicants can always check their application status by logging into the OASys web page. You will need to use the user name and password you originally created to log in. Once logged into the OASys web page click the "Your Applications" link. The Your Applications page will show you a list of Completed Applications as well as Applications to Complete (i.e., applications you have not completed). In the "Status" column you will see a brief summary of your application's current status.
  • How Do I Find Out What Jobs are Currently Available at UNF?
    You can find a list of all the currently available positions at the University by going online to the Online Application System (OASys) web page, Once at the OASys web page, click the "Search Jobs" button on the left-hand side of the webpage. You may choose to narrow your search by using the various filters, or, if you would rather see a list of all the available jobs you can just scroll down. When you find a position that you would like more information on, click the "View Details" button beneath the position title. All the information you need to know in order to apply to the position will be displayed. If you are ready to apply for the position, click the "Apply for this Job" button.
  • How do I Upload Documents to My Application?
    Many positions require supplemental documents be uploaded at the time the application is submitted (e.g., resume, cover letter). These required documents will be listed in the Documents Needed to Apply section of the application. 
  • How Long Does it Take to Fill a Position?
    The time to fill a position at UNF varies from position to position. Some positions may be filled in a couple of weeks, while other positions may take several months to fill. Please be patient during the application process.
  • I Accidentally Gave an Incorrect Answer to a Question on the Application, Can I Change My Answer?
    You are not able to change the answers to any questions asked on an application after you have submitted it. In the event, you accidentally give an incorrect answer, and it results in your application being immediately disqualified, you may contact the Office of Human Resources at (904) 620-2903 or submit an HR Help Request
  • I Accidentally Withdrew My Application, Can I Apply Again?
    No. You are not able to apply to the same job opening again, or continue to be considered for the same job posting if you withdraw your application. Withdrawing your application means that you no longer wish to be considered for the opening. If you accidentally click the "withdraw" link on the application status screen, you still have the opportunity to go back before actually withdrawing your application.
  • What Does an Application Status of "In Progress" Mean?
    A status of "In Progress" means that you have successfully submitted your application to the job opening. Your status will remain as "In Progress" until the position is actually filled. Once the position has been filled then your status will change.
  • What If I Forgot My Username and/or Password?
    Go to the OASys web page and click the "Login" link. Next, click the "I forgot my username/password" link. Follow the directions to either have your user name e-mailed to you, or to have your password reset in real-time. In the event that you are unable to have your user name e-mailed to you, or you are not able to reset your password, you may contact the Office of Human Resources at (904) 620-2903 or submit an HR Help Request for assistance.
  • What Types of Positions are Posted Online?
    All faculty, administrative and support staff positions available at UNF are required to be posted online at the OASys web page. Hiring departments may also choose to post adjunct, other personnel services (OPS) and student employment opportunities as well.
  • When Will I Be Contacted About My Application?
    In most cases, only the applicants that the hiring department selects for an interview will be directly contacted. The amount of time before the hiring department begins interviews can vary from a couple of weeks to several months. Please keep in mind that possessing the basic qualifications for an open position does not guarantee you will be selected for an interview. If you are not selected for an interview you should receive notification when the position is filled. You may also check your application status online.