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Moving Allowance Procedures

We welcome our new employees to the University of North Florida and to the Greater Jacksonville area.
The following information is provided to assist University departments with the process of requesting a moving allowance for a new employee. Effective January 1, 2018, per H.R.1, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, any allowance paid to an employee will be taxed at the Federal flat supplemental withholding tax rate, in addition to Social Security and Medicare taxes. Should you have any questions please contact the Office of Human Resources (HR) at 620-2903.


The allowance is used to offset the costs incurred by a new employee for reasonable expenses associated with relocating to the Jacksonville area. Examples include costs for packing and shipping of household goods, expenses incurred for moving an automobile, or travel expenses associated with the move.


  1. Full-time permanent employees: Generally at the Director level or higher, but exceptions may be made depending on circumstances where they are warranted.
  2. The move must be in the best interest of the University.


Payment would be for the amount determined by the issuing department and specified in the offer letter.

Departmental Procedures

  1.  The University will pay the allowance to the new employee and will not pay vendors directly.
  2. After completion of the move, University departments will request payment of the moving allowance using the On-Line “Request to Pay Moving Allowance” form. The form can be found by going to:
    1. MyWings
    2. Employee
    3. Forms
    4. Banner Online Forms
    5. Payroll
    6. Request to Pay Moving Allowance.
  3. Departments complete the form, attach the employee’s fully executed offer letter, and electronically route the form for review of eligibility and approval. Moving expense receipts are no longer required to be submitted. The electronic routing will be:
    1. Requester (submits the request)
    2. Department Head (approves the request)
    3. VP (approves the request)
    4. Human Resources (reviews eligibility, approves the request, schedules payment)
  4. When HR receives the request, they will review it for eligibility, and if approved, the allowance will be paid in the next available paycheck. The new hire must be on payroll before the moving allowance can be paid. No advance moving allowance will be permitted prior to the employee being established on the payroll.

The above information is provided to establish moving allowance eligibility and procedures for payment of moving allowance to new employees.