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Campus Security Authority (CSA)

Below you will find general information about Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) including a list of positions designated as CSAs and the responsibilities of individuals seated in CSA designated positions. For more information, please review the Campus Safety and Security Reporting policy.

What is a Campus Security Authority (CSA)?

A Campus Security Authority (CSA) is an individual employed in a position determined to have significant responsibility for student and campus activities and/or responsibility for campus security. Many crimes (especially sexual assaults) go unreported to police but may be reported to others. Because of a CSA's involvement with student and campus activities, a student may be more comfortable sharing information regarding a crime with them than with a member of law enforcement – thus the designation of the position as a Campus Security Authority.

What are Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) Required To Do?

Reporting: A CSA is required to report all potential criminal incidents that come to their attention to the University Police Department (UNFPD). A CSA should advise a victim/witness of the CSA's responsibility to report crimes and if the victim/witness requests confidentiality, a CSA may withhold the victim/witness's personally identifiable information. In all cases, however, a CSA must report potential criminal incidents to UNFPD, regardless of whether the CSA is asked to withhold personally identifiable information.

A CSA’s responsibilities DO NOT include investigating criminal incidents or determining whether an incident is actually a crime.

*A person who is licensed or certified as a professional counselor and whose official responsibilities include providing mental health counseling to members of the institution’s community and who is functioning within the scope of their license or certification is exempt from the campus security authority reporting requirements.

Training: All positions designated as CSAs are required to complete an online or in-person training session. For more information concerning the training sessions or CSAs, please contact the University Police Department at (904) 620-2800 or the Office of the General Counsel at (904) 620-2828.

Who are Campus Security Authorities (CSAs)?

Positions designated as CSAs:

  • Academic Advisors
    • Advisors to Registered Student Organizations
  • All Sworn Police Officers
  • Athletics 
    • Athletic Director, Senior Associate/Associate/Assistant Athletic Director, Directors, Associate Directors, Assistant Directors, Head Coaches, Associate/Assistant Head Coaches, Athletic Trainers, Assistant Trainers, Coordinators, Accounting Associate, Office Manager
  • Counseling Center
    • Director**
  • Department of Recreation & Wellness
    • Directors, Associate Directors, Senior Director, Assistant Directors and Coordinators
  • Student Accessibility Services
    • Director, Associate Director, Assistant Director, Coordinator and Specialist
  • English Language Program
    • Director, and Coordinator
  • Enrollment Services
    • Administrative Assistant, Assistant Director Academic Services, Assistant University Registrar, Coordinator Budgets, Director/Associate/Assistant Director Academic Support Services, Director Marketing and Publications, Director One Stop Student Services, Director/Associate/Assistant Director Academic, Interim Director/Director/Assistant Director Admissions, Interim/Associate VP Enrollment, Senior Director Enrollment-Financial Aid, University Registrar, Associate Director Admissions, Admissions Coordinators, Admissions Coordinator Team Lead, Admissions Processing Specialist, Coordinator Academic Support, Associate Director One-Stop Student Services, One-Stop Coordinator Team Lead, One-Stop Coordinators, Registration Coordinator, Technical Support Coordinator, Assistant Registrar, Associate Registrar, Associate Director ES Planning & Operations,Director Student Government, Associate Director Student Government, Associate Director Registration and Records, Admissions Events Specialist
  • Environmental Health and Safety
    • Director, Assistant Director, and Coordinator
  • Equal Opportunity & Inclusion
    • Director, EOI Investigator
  • Faculty and Staff traveling with student on University related business
  • Housing and Residence Life
    • Assistant Director Facilities Management, Assistant Director Residence Life, Assistant Director University Housing Operations, Associate Director Residence Life, Associate Director University Housing Operations, Coordinator Facilities Management, Coordinator Residence Life, Coordinator University Housing, Graduate Assistant, Learning Community Assistant, Office Assistant, Resident Assistant, Senior Director/Director Housing Residence Life, Student Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Associate Director of Facilities Management, Assistant Director of Residential Academic Initiatives, Coordinator Residence Life, Coordinator Residence Life-Living& Learning Communities, Assistant Director Housing Operations, Coordinator Marketing Publications, Associate Director Housing Operations, Assistant Director of Residential Academic Initiatives 
  • Human Resources
    • Associate Director of Employee and Labor Relations
  • International Center
    • Director, Assistant Directors and Coordinators
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center
    • Director and Coordinator
  • Military and Veterans Resource Center
    • Director and Assistant Director, Coordinator, Manager
  • Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life
    • Associate Director and Coordinator
  • On Campus Transition Program
    • Director and Coordinator
  • Dean of Students
    • Dean of Students, Assistant Dean, University Conduct Officer, Associate Directors, Assistant Directors, Coordinators, Office Manager, and Student Ombuds
  • Student Government
    • Director, Coordinator and Advisors
  • Student Ombudsman
  • Student Orientation Program
    • Director, Coordinators and Orientation Team Leaders, Director Student Orientation & Transition Programs, New Student Orientation Specialist
  • Taylor Leadership Institute
    • Director, Assistant Director
  • Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators
  • University Police Department Safety Rangers
  • Women's Center
    • Director, Victim Advocate, Coordinator and all non-exempt counselors**

 ** = A person who is licensed or certified as a professional counselor and whose official responsibilities include providing mental health counseling to members of the institution’s community and who is functioning within the scope of their license or certification is exempt from the campus security authority reporting requirements.