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Bachelor of Health Administration



The Department of Health Administration offers an undergraduate program culminating in a Bachelor of Health Administration (BHA) degree. The upper-level courses in this degree are fully online. The program is designed to prepare graduates for entry-level administrative positions in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, mental health organizations, insurance companies, public agencies and many other types of health care organizations. It also serves to help enhance careers of students already working in the health services industry.

The primary goal of the BHA program is to provide students with the entry skills needed by health administrators and management professionals. The program includes an internship course that allows students to intern in hospitals, long term care facilities, insurance companies, group medical practices, clinics, or health care technology companies.

Why pursue a career in health adimistration?

Program of Study

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Program of Study - Aging Services

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UNF+ Pathway Information

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  • Osprey Maps

    The Osprey Map provides a term-by-term sample schedule for each undergraduate academic program at the University of North Florida.

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  • What does the program cost?

    Tuition, fees, and textbooks make up most of the costs to students. Detailed information regarding tuition and all general fees can be found on the UNF Tuition website.

  • UNF+ Pathways to Success: Accelerated BHA to MHA

    What is a UNF+ Pathways: Express Application? These are opportunities for high-achieving UNF undergraduates to easily move into graduate programs. You can learn more about Health Administration's eligible program below and on the UNF+Pathways website.

    If admitted to the UNF+ Pathway option below, you will be eligible for an exclusive graduate tuition rate. Find more information on our Exclusive Graduate Tuition Rate website.

    Eligible Program

    Please ensure your undergraduate major qualifies for the express application*.

    Eligible Program Eligible Undergraduate Major*
    Master of Health Administration Bachelor of Health Administration

    Application and Eligibility

    UNF BHA undergraduate students graduating with a BHA baccalaureate degree can easily apply to the MHA program. In order to be eligible students must: 

    1. Have graduated or be classified as a senior, and be in good academic standing with a 3.25 institutional undergraduate GPA
    2. Graduate from UNF with a BHA baccalaureate degree
    3. Submit the Express Application form to start graduate courses during one of the three consecutive terms immediately after your graduation term or anticipated graduation term

    *This award is based on eligibility and is not guaranteed.

    **Students will receive automatic admission into the MHA Program if they earn a “B” or better in the 4 MHA courses that are part of this program.

    To Apply:

    Please login to the Express Application to double-check eligibility and apply. The application must be completed by the posted program deadline. Confirmation of receipt of your Express Application will be displayed immediately upon submission. All correspondence will be sent to your self-reported and UNF email. Applying for the program and term selected on the Express Application is not a guarantee of admission.

    Program Application Requirements

    UNF undergraduates applying through the Express Application portal will also be required to submit the below documents directly to the department's MHA application email at Questions should be directed to the graduate program director.

    1. Resume
      1. Education
      2. Work experience
      3. Honors and/or memberships in school, profession, and service organizations
    2. A list of your completed MHA courses and grade earned for each course.
  • Program Competencies (BHA & MHA)

    Program Competencies (BHA & MHA)

    On completing the program the students should be able to:


    1. Listen and understand the ideas and thoughts of others
    2. Speak clearly and effectively before individuals and groups and use non-verbal forms of communication.
    3. Communicate clearly and effectively in writing.
    4. Demonstrate appropriate communication for different audiences and situations.

    Interpersonal Effectiveness

    1. Work collaboratively in a team setting.
    2. Coach, mentor and support others.
    3. Establish, build, and maintain relationships with others including those with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
    4. Use diplomacy and tact.

    Critical Thinking

    1. View issues from different perspectives and ask the right questions when making decisions.
    2. Identify and prioritize organizational needs and solutions.
    3. Use statistical and analytical tools to measure and improve organizational performance.
    4. Appropriately challenge others viewpoints and perspectives.

    Business Analysis and Problem Solving

    1. Apply economic theory and advanced financial knowledge to decision making.
    2. Demonstrate strategic thinking skills in planning and evaluation.
    3. Recognize political and legal implications of actions and decisions.
    4. Identify and prioritize organizational needs and market imperatives in design and development of business plans for health Programs and services.
    5. Demonstrate project management skills.

    Management and Leadership

    1. Demonstrate basic leadership skills.
    2. Know, support and use team development methods.

    Professionalism and Ethics

    1. Articulate, model and reward professional values and ethics.
    2. Understand, demonstrate and reward cultural sensitivity and competence.
    3. Demonstrate integrity in dealing with others.
    4. Establish and maintain professional relationships.
  • Academic Learning Compact
    To view the BHA Academic Learning Compact, please visit the Office of Institutional Effectiveness website.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    For additional information about the BHA program/s, please review the frequently asked questions website.

Contact the Program Director 

LaRee Moody headshot

Dr. LaRee Moody

BHA Program Director & Instructor
Phone: (904) 620-5313

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