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Brooks College of Health

Doctor of Health Administration (DHA)

Launch Your Career in Global
Health Leadership

The Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) is a doctoral program with an emphasis on global health leadership and advanced evidence-based management of healthcare facilities and institutions. The DHA is considered an applied doctorate, which focuses on taking the evidence available in clinical, organizational, and policy areas and using it to directly solve complex problems in healthcare. It will consist of 48 credit hours total - 36 semester hours of didactic coursework and 12 semester hours for the Project. It will be a hybrid format, combining 80% online coursework with 20% on-campus weekend executive seminar sessions.

Elevate Your Health Leadership

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Program Opportunities

DHA graduates will be able to assume leadership roles at the highest levels of healthcare management and administration in academic/teaching hospitals and institutions. The Program will accommodate the distinct educational requirements of senior-career professionals, while facilitating networking opportunities with peers and fostering learning from esteemed faculty members and local healthcare executives. It will also allow graduates to teach Health Administration in an academic institution.

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  • Mission, Vision, Goals, and Values


    The Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) Program at the University of North Florida develops early-career individuals in the southeast United States to serve as effective managers and leaders in health services organizations. This is achieved by offering full and part-time students the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for success in entry-level health management positions. The Program's focus reflects the University's mission of excellence in education, scholarship and community-based service.


    The UNF DHA Program aims to be globally recognized for innovatively preparing students for careers in health services administration.


    In the fulfillment of our mission, the Department of Health Administration upholds the values of:

    • Integrity: We do the right thing for the right reason at the right time.
    • Respect: We treat everyone with kindness, we are informed by the perspective of others, and we draw strength from our differences.
    • Accountability: We are responsible for how the outcomes of our actions affect others and our environment.
    • Innovation: We harness creativity and talent to turn challenges into opportunities and problems into solutions in a uniquely UNF and BCH way.


    Consistent with the Mission and Vision Statements, the following broad goals have been established for the Program as the foundation for its strategic planning process and commitment to continuing improvement. These are presented in recognition of the University's focus on excellence in education, scholarship and community-based service

    • GOAL 1 – The program curriculum is continually updated to provide an excellent foundation in the knowledge and skills necessary for successful careers as health administrator and leaders.
      • Primary Results
        1. Students demonstrate the knowledge and skills related to the competencies identified for entry -level positions in health services organizations.
        2. Students acquire the competencies that are necessary to effectively communicate within health services organization.
        3. Students demonstrate a commitment to personal and professional growth through participation in student/professional organizations.
        4. The program recruits well-qualified and diverse students who find employment upon graduation.
    • GOAL 2 – The DHA Program will provide a curriculum known for its commitment to continual assessment and program development
      • Primary Results 
        1. The Program assures that students are consistently assessed and advised on their progress toward their mastery of program competencies.
        2. The program curriculum is current, relevant and include high quality integrative experiences.
        3. The program utilizes well-prepared faculty and resources who bring diverse perspectives into the classroom.
    • GOAL 3 – Faculty will disseminate new knowledge gained from individual and collaborative research efforts.
      • Primary Results 
        1. Program faculty contributes to the knowledge base and development of “best practices” within the health services area by initiation of and participation in health services research.
        2. Faculty secures funding for teaching and research projects.
        3. Faculty research is integrated in classroom teaching.
    • GOAL 4 – Faculty provides excellence of service to the community and to the health services discipline.
      • Primary Results 
        1. Program faculty serve as a resource within the University community.
        2. Program faculty serve as a resource within for regional and national health services organizations.
  • Program Competencies

    The DHA program will utilize graduate competencies validated through the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) accreditation.

    There are 6 competency constructs supported by 23 individual competencies. The constructs include:

    1. Communication – both oral and written
    2. Interpersonal effectiveness
    3. Critical thinking
    4. Business Analysis and Problem Solving
    5. Management and Leadership
    6. Professionalism and Ethics
  • Curriculum

    The DHA Program will require a minimum of 48 semester hours organized as follows:

    • 36 semester hours of Didactic Coursework
    • 12 semester hours of Doctoral Project semester hours (minimum requirement)

    Year 1

    Fall Term
    Course Number and Title Day Credits
    HSA7357 Organizational Behavior Online 3
    HSA7706 Research Methodologies Online 3


    Spring Term
    Course Number and Title Day Credits
    HSA7333 Financial Management Online 3
    HSA7197 Planning for Health Information Systems  Online 3


    Summer Term
    Course Number and Title Day Credits
    HSA7156 Public Policy and Healthcare Online  3
    HSA7386 Population Health Management Online 3


    Total First Year Credits: 18

    Year 2

    Fall Term
    Course Number and Title Day Credits
    HSA7348 Managing Change & Negotiation Online 3
    HSA7385 Leadership Accountability for Quality & Patient Safety Online 3


    Spring Term
    Course Number and Title Day Credits
    HSA7146 Strategic Vision and Planning in Healthcare Online 3
    HSA7367 Evidence-based Decision Making Online 3


    Summer Term
    Course Number and Title Day Credits
    HSA7388 Advances in Leadership Online  3
    HSA7091 Scientific Writing for the Healthcare Professional Online 3


    Total Second Year Credits: 18

    Year 3

    Fall Term
    Course Number and Title Day Credits
    HSA7911 Doctoral Project I Online 6


    Spring Term
    Course Number and Title Day Credits
    HSA7912 Doctoral Project II Online 6


    Total Third Year Credits: 12

    Updated per APC Course numbers 6/8/24

  • Admission Criteria

    Program Specific Admission Requirements

    All applicants must have significant experience in clinical care or another health administration related position. A wide variety of related backgrounds could apply. A master's degree in the following areas: Master of Health Administration, Master of Public Health, Master of Health Information Technology or a masters in another related clinical field is required.

    Each applicant must submit the following:

    • Career Goal Essay: This is a brief essay outlining the candidate's reasons for pursuing doctoral education in health administration, career objectives, and any other information he or she would want the UNF DHA Admission Committee to know.
    • Current Resume or Curriculum Vitae: Education and work background; honors; memberships in professional and service organizations; any relevant publications, presentations, or research experience.
    • Letters of recommendation: Three letters of recommendation that address the following:
      1. Characteristics that make you an ideal candidate for the UNF DHA Program, and
      2. Length of time they have known you and in what capacity.
    • Official College Transcripts: An official transcript, indicating graduation from a college or university that has been accredited by a recognized U.S. accrediting organization. Competitive candidates should have a minimum graduate GPA of 3.30.
    • Test Scores, such as the GRE or GMAT are not required.
    • A personal interview with the faculty may be required.

    For Univeristy and International admission requirements and more information on how to apply, please visit

    The UNF Graduate School's Website

  • Tuition and Fees

Contact the Program Director

Jeff P Harrison headshot

Jeffrey P. Harrison,

Professor & Director | Doctor of Health Administration
Phone: (904) 620-1440