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Club Sports

A Sports Club is a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) that has been formed by individuals motivated by a common interest and a desire to participate in a gross motor sports activity. It exists to promote and develop interest in that sport by providing its members opportunities to learn new skills, refine existing skills, engage in competition, and enjoy the recreational and social fellowship of sport. UNF's Student Involvement Center (SIC) provides the most up-to-date Club Sports List.


Spring Semester Club Sports Update

Field sport teams in RSO good standing status are eligible to submit a “Return to Play Plan” for evaluation. Safety plans will be evaluated based on each team’s ability to require face masks, include social distancing throughout practice, and minimize shared equipment / have a disinfection plan for shared equipment. Due to reduced capacity and operations of RecWell indoor spaces and limited staffing support, only field sports will be considered for on campus participation this semester.


Under the guidance of our university’s COVID task force, RecWell is committed to supporting a safe return to play environment. While field sport teams may be approved to practice on campus, competition on or off-campus is not permitted through the duration of this semester. We understand you may have invitations to compete against our peer school teams. Please understand that this is not permitted and that the university considers it breaking COVID safety protocol and not only would you be putting yourself and peers at increased health risk, you may be subject to the Office of Student Accountability & Resolution violations if competitions become known.


Steps to Participate in Spring 2021 Club Sports

  1. Complete all Student Involvement Center required paperwork or steps to update your RSO status.
  2. Review the Club Sports Handbook. COVID-related modifications are in the Risk Management section.
  3. Complete these RecWell Club Sports requirements:
    1. Turn in your team’s signed 2020-21 Club Sport Waiver and the new RecWell COVID Acknowledgement Form to the Student Wellness Complex Member Services desk, attention Ray Bunch.
    2. Submit your Return to Play Plan for approval by February 1. An approved safety plan is required before field reservations can be made.  


Still have questions? Contact the Club Sports Coordinator, Ray Bunch at