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Parking and Transportation Services
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Appealing parking tickets

UNF Parking and Transportation Services strictly enforces parking regulations, primarily to assure safety, but also to protect the rights of those who purchase permits and adhere to the Parking Regulations. 

First Level Appeal 

Tickets must be paid or an appeal request must be submitted online within 14 calendar days from the issue date or a late fee will be applied. If a ticket has exceeded 14 calendar days it can no longer be appealed online.

Appeals should only be submitted for legitimate reasons. Prior to appealing your ticket please take a moment to review the Appeals Process and the 'how to appeal' video prior to appealing your ticket.

Appeal Ticket

Appeals for the following reasons will NOT be considered legitimate and will be denied:

  • Unaware of "Nose-in" parking policy.
  • Continuously inputting incorrect plate number. 
  • Adding a vehicle to your permit AFTER a ticket has been issued. 
  • Assuming non-enforced permit hours. 
  • Not having the time or money to update or purchase a permit. 
  • Was late for an appointment or class. 
  • Parking with an expired parking permit. 
  • Disagreement with the rules and regulations governing parking at UNF. 
  • Unaware of the parking rules and regulations governing parking at UNF. 
  • Someone else used your vehicle. 
  • Observed others parked illegally and assumed it was allowed. 
  • Previously parked in a similar fashion without begin cited. 
  • Could not find a parking space. 
  • Inability to pay the fine. 
  • Received incorrect guidance from anyone not employed by Parking Services. 
  • Perception that the parking area is not safe. 
  • Parked on the grass.   

Second Level Appeal 

If your appeal is denied by Parking Services, a second appeal may be submitted. The second appeal must be submitted online within 14 calendar days from the date listed on the email regarding first level appeal decision. The request must be sent to with the ticket number. Failure to submit a second level appeal will result in late fees and other penalties. 

A hearing will be placed on the docket for the next available hearing date and time appropriate for the Parking Appeals Hearing Board. If you are a student or an employee, an email will be sent to your UNF address with the date and time of the schedule hearing. If you are a guest at UNF, an email will be sent to the email address reflected on your original appeal with the date and time of the scheduled hearing. It is the appellant's responsibility to attend the scheduled hearing. Hearings will NOT be rescheduled. If you fail to appear at the scheduled hearing, your appeal will be automatically denied. 

If you are a student, your case will be heard by the Student Appeals Board. If you are a visitor or an employee, your case will be heard by the Non-Student Appeals Board. The second level appeal is the final decision

The appeals board may:  

  • approve your appeal
  • deny your appeal 
  • deny your appeal and reduce the fine, or 
  • deny your appeal for failure to appear

All decisions from the appeals board are final.  


If your appeal is denied, payment must be made within 14 calendar days or late fees and other penalties, including administrative action and vehicle immobilization may be assessed. 

The Parking Violations Appeals Board operates under the governance of their respective bylaws and regulations. 

Have a question, concern, or suggestion? Please contact Parking Appeals at (904) 620-2368 or e-mail