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Professional Licensure and Certification Information


Professional Licensure or Certification Information provides important disclosures about professional licensure and certification outside of Florida to current and prospective students.

Select professions (e.g. accountants, social workers, physical therapists, etc.) require you obtain licensure or certification beyond your degree in order to hold a position in that field. Professional licensure regulations and requirements vary from field to field, from state to state and may vary from year to year.

The University of North Florida’s academic programs prepare students to meet the educational requirements for professional licensure or certification in the state of Florida. For students considering a program that leads to professional licensure or certification, at this time, UNF cannot determine whether our programs meet the licensing requirements in every state.

Each state and U.S. territory has an authority, be it public or private, that is responsible for overseeing the licensure requirements of the various professions in that state. If you plan to pursue state-regulated professional licensure or certification in any state outside of the state of Florida, please contact the appropriate licensing agency or agencies. We have provided lists below to request information and additional guidance before beginning or continuing a program that leads to licensure or certification. If you have questions, please contact your UNF academic advisor or program director.

Contact Information for Associated State Licensing Boards