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macOS Monterey (12.x) at UNF


About macOS Monterey

Apple released their latest operating system (OS), Monterey (macOS 12), on October 25, 2021. This latest version of macOS is available through software updates on eligible Apple devices.

We share in the excitement that can surround a new Operating System and look forward to fully supporting this OS at UNF.

What does it mean for UNF Devices?

Devices that are owned and managed by UNF will not be automatically receiving the update to macOS Monterey. However, the update is available for installation on these devices through the normal Apple-provided software update and app store methods.

UNF ITS has tested macOS 12 for compatibility with UNF's environment. This testing was done for critical UNF applications but is not a comprehensive check of all possible installations for compatibility.

We strongly encourage checking compatibility with critical applications that are used on your device before considering an upgrade.

In addition to testing, UNF has some devices which cannot upgrade to macOS Monterey. The upgrade to Monterey requires devices that meet minimum specifications. Early analysis shows that most devices owned by UNF will be capable of running Monterey. Systems that cannot run Monterey can continue to run macOS Big Sur (macOS 11, valid through 2023) and macOS Catalina (macOS 10.15, valid through 2022) until the end of their respective support cycles.

What does it mean for my Personal Devices?

macOS Monterey is available as an update for eligible Apple systems or will be the installed OS on new personal device purchases. This is a free update for devices that run macOS and meet the minimum requirements for the new OS. Upgrading is an individual's choice on their own devices. Individuals that do choose to upgrade can expect the same level of support from UNF ITS that they receive for macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina on their personal devices.

However, there are applications which have not been updated by the developers to run on macOS Monterey. We recommend doing a thorough check that your personal software requirements are compatible with the new operating system before attempting an upgrade.

To Learn More

More information about macOS Monterey is available from Apple.