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Using Microsoft Viva Insights to Improve Productivity

What is happening?
Microsoft Viva Insights brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights into an employee experience that integrates seamlessly into the apps you use every day, such as Microsoft Teams.

How do I access Microsoft Viva?
Viva Insights includes a Microsoft Teams app and web features and tools that help people and businesses thrive with data-driven, privacy-protected insights, and recommendations to improve productivity and well-being.

What is the benefit of using Microsoft Viva?
Get personal insights that only you can see. Insights about how you work and what you might change to do your best work, such as in Viva Insights in Teams, in a Briefing email in Outlook, or in your personal Dashboard. Get useful recommendations, such as protecting time in the day for regular breaks, focused work, and learning that help improve well-being and boost productivity.

Where can I learn more about Microsoft Viva?
Visit the Microsoft Viva support page for more information.

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