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Fraternity and Sorority Life

Greek Ambassadors

The Greek Ambassadors are a team of initiated fraternity and sorority community members who actively promote the Greek experience at the University of North Florida.  Each year’s Greek Ambassador team is selected based on each individual’s personal leadership style and are considered our premier leadership experience within the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. 

What We Do

The Greek Ambassadors are responsible for the oversight and implementation of numerous community-wide events, including:

  • Greek Week
  • National Hazing Prevention Week
  • Summer Splash
  • Week of Welcome events

Additionally, the team is trained each spring semester to help acclimate new, returning, and prospective Ospreys and their families to campus. The Greek Ambassadors are readily available during New Student orientation sessions to help answer any questions you may have about joining a fraternity or sorority here at UNF!

Requirements for Selection

Applications to serve as a Greek Ambassador are distributed every October and the selection process begins each November. 

To apply to serve as a Greek Ambassador, a student must be/have:

  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of a 2.65.
  • Enrolled as a UNF student for the duration of the calendar year.
  • Be available for all training sessions in the spring semester and throughout the summer.
  • A positive outlook on Greek membership, in both word and deed.
  • Leadership potential, organizational skills, and/or facilitation experience.
  • In good standing (financial, behavioral, and academically) within their organization and the University.

2022 Greek Ambassadors

AJ Felix
Alexis Allis
Alyssa Burgan
Avery Brauss
Austin Price
Brianna Holland
Bryson Lee
Cairo Abelard
Dehan Van Staden
Emily Loomis
Emily Sullivan
Hannah Laycock
Jason Rosales
Karli Friedman
Michael Cammarota
Reganne Chadwell
Tara Willis


Our Greek Ambassadors may be reached at